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  default [dɪ'fɔ:lt] n
comp., MS ຄ່າທີ່ຖືກກຳນົດໄວ້ (A value that is automatically used by a program when the user does not specify an alternative. Defaults are built into a program when a value or option must be assumed for the program to function)
 English thesaurus
  default [dɪ'fɔ:lt] n
IT A computer software setting or preference that states what will automatically happen in the event that the user has not stated another preference. For example, a computer may have a default setting to launch or start Netscape whenever a GIF file is opened; however, if using Adobe Photoshop is the preference for viewing a GIF file, the default setting can be changed to Photoshop. In the case of default accounts, these are accounts that are provided by the operating system vendor e.g., root in UNIX .
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