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  column ['kɔləm] n
comp., MS ຖັນ (A series of items arranged vertically within some type of framework--for example, a continuous series of cells running from top to bottom in a spreadsheet, a set of lines of specified width on a printed page, a vertical line of pixels on a video screen, or a set of values aligned vertically in a table or matrix)
 English thesaurus
  column ['kɔləm] abbr.
abbr., construct. col.
mil., abbr. clm; col; colm; coln
mil., logist. Group of vehicles moving under the same command, on the same route and in the same direction. Depending on their size, columns are organized into serials, marching elements or marching groups. (FRA)
  column The area in each row of a database table that stores the data value for some attribute of the object modeled by the table abbr.
abbr., comp., MS నిలువు వరుస
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