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  clear [klɪə] adj.
comp., MS ລ້າງ (To turn a setting off or to remove a value)
 English thesaurus
  clear [klɪə] abbr.
abbr., med. cl (Vosoni)
  CLEAR [klɪə] abbr.
abbr. City Life Education Action for Refugees; Coalition for Leadership Education and Advocacy for Recovery; Community Linked Evaluation Aids Resource; Community, Leisure, Education, Art, Recreation
abbr., busin. components life evaluation and reliability (program)
abbr., Center for Lake Erie Area Research
abbr., el. components life evaluation and reliability (program)
abbr., IT Clear Logic Edits And Rules
abbr., med. Clear Lens Extraction and Astigmatism Reduction
abbr., media. Chinese Literature Essays Articles Reviews
abbr., mil. Clearing Lanes Effectively And Rapidly
abbr., mil., avia. clearance
abbr., oil compiler, executive program, assembler routines
abbr., phys., scient. Controlled Liquid Electrophoresis Absorption Reflection
abbr., physiol., med. Cellular Level of Emotional Access and Release
abbr., sport. Canadian Loss Experience Automobile Rating
mil. closed-loop evaluation and reporting; components life evaluation and reliability
  CLEARS abbr.
abbr., Cornell Laboratory of Environmental Applications of Remote Sensing