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  center ['sεntə, -t̬ər] n
comp., MS ຢູ່ສູນກາງ (To align objects or text around a point located in the middle of a line, page, or other defined area; in effect, to position items an equal distance from each margin or border)
 English thesaurus
  center ['sεntə, -t̬ər] abbr.
abbr. ct
abbr., oil cntr
abbr., polym. ctr
mil., abbr. cen; ctn
tech., abbr. cent
therm.eng., abbr. c
USA An enduring functional organization, with a supporting staff, designed to perform a joint function within a joint force commander’s headquarters (JP 3-33)
  CENTER ['sεntə, -t̬ər] abbr.
abbr. Continuing Education Network For Training Enrichment And Renewal
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