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  LBA abbr.
comp., MS ແອວບີເອ (A method used with SCSI and IDE disk drives to translate the cylinder, head, and sector specifications of the drive into addresses that can be used by an enhanced BIOS. LBA is used with drives that are larger than 528MB)
 English thesaurus
  LBA abbr.
abbr. Large Block Addressing; Large Block Architecture; Lease By Application; Leeds, Bradford, England, UK; Linear Block Addressing; Linear-Bounded Automaton (Vosoni); Little Big Adventure; Logical Block Address; Logical Block Addressing (EIDE); Long Block Addressing; Long- Bow Apache
abbr., avia. logical bus application; Luftfahrt Bundes Amt
abbr., el. logical block addressing; laminar bus A; learning by analogy; linear bounded automation problem; local bus adapter; loss budget analysis
abbr., forestr. Land Boundary Agreement (MichaelBurov)
abbr., IT logical block addressing (Bricker)
abbr., med. Laser Balloon Angioplasty; Left Basal Artery
abbr., oil local bus architecture
abbr., progr. linear-bounded automaton (ssn); logical block addressing (ssn)
abbr., scottish Luftfahrtbundesamt (Civil Aviation Authority (Germany))
abbr., tech. Loop break alarm (Ksylena); low blade angle
abbr., telecom. local battery apparatus
mil. launch base area; lightweight body armor
tech. linear bounded automaton