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  KB abbr.
comp., MS ເຄບີ (A searchable collection of articles and facts about a particular subject area)
 English thesaurus
  KB abbr.
abbr. 1000 Btu
abbr., busin. kilo bytes
abbr., comp., MS KB (A data unit of 1024 bytes); KB (A Microsoft Web site that provides customers with access to a database of articles written by Microsoft Support professionals); KB (A searchable collection of articles and facts about a particular subject area)
abbr., key-board; knowledge based
abbr., oil kelly bushing s; key board; kilobarn; Kimberlite-granite breccia
abbr., space Khimautomatiki
  KB abbr.
abbr. Kate Barlow; Kelly Burgess; Ken Brock; Ken Brown; Kevin Batchelor; Kilo Bits; Kitty Boy; Kommunikation Basis; Kaiser Broadcasting; Kansas Bear; Kathryn Boyle; Keeler Brass; Ken Baxter; Kent Brewery; Kidney And Bones; Kill Boys; Killer Buns; KiloByte; King's Bench; Kingston's Best; kiss back; knee brace; Knight Bachelor; Knight of the Order of the Bath; Knowledgeability Brief; Knowles Building
abbr., bot., scient. Killer Bud
abbr., cardiol. kissing balloon (ННатальЯ)
abbr., chess.term. King's Bishop
abbr., comp., net. keyboard
abbr., el. Kanazawa and Batra model; kauri-butanol solvency value
abbr., file.ext. Keyboard script file; Kilobits; Program source (Knowledge Pro); Kilobyte (1,024 bytes)
abbr., food.ind. Kind Bud
abbr., insur. Height of the centre of buoyancy above the keel or above the molded base of a ship
abbr., IT Kilo Byte; Knowledge Base
abbr., jarg. knockback
abbr., law Kissing Bandit
abbr., math., scient. Klein Bottle
abbr., med. Human Oral Epidermoid Carcinoma Cells; Kilobases (1kb = 1000 Nucleic Acid Bases)
abbr., mil. Ka Boom; Kilobyte
abbr., mil., WMD see DIPAE
abbr., mus. Keyboard; Kill Bosby; King Of Bluegrass
abbr., oil kelly bushing (andrushin)
abbr., physiol. Kidney and Bones
abbr., relig. King's Book
abbr., scottish Kilobyte (data processing)
abbr., sport. Kicking Butt
abbr., tech. short waves
abbr., tradem. Kaiser Bessel; Keine Benachrichtigung
abbr.,, med. Killer Bee
IT, el., scient. Kilobytes
mil. kite balloon
physiol. Knee bearing amputation
tech. keyboard button
  Kb abbr.
abbr. knob; kilobit; kilobar
abbr., comp. Kbit; Kbyte
med. kb
  kb abbr.
abbr. kilobase (dimock); kitchen and bathroom
abbr., oil kilobit s
genet. kilobase (zhvir)
  kB abbr.
abbr. thousand British thermal units
abbr., oil kilo Btu
  KB A data unit of 1024 bytes abbr.
abbr., comp., MS KB
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