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  IAS abbr.
comp., MS ໄອເອເອສ (A part of an IrDA infrared communication protocol used so that devices can learn about the services offered by another device)
 English thesaurus
  IUMS abbr.
abbr., med. International Union Of Microbiological Societies
  IAS abbr.
abbr. Ideas Action And Success; Immediate Access Storage; Immediate Access Store (Vosoni); Increased Attack Speed; indicated airspeed; Inertial Active Suspension; Inertial Active System; Inmate Assignment System; Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale, France; Institute for Advanced Studies; Institute of Advanced Studies; Institute of Aeronautical Sciences; Institute of Aerospace Sciences; integrated AUTODIN system; Intelligence Access System; Interactive Application System (DEC); Interactive Applications System; International Approval Services; International Armaments Strategy; International Association of Sediment ologists; International Association of Seismology; Internet Authentication Server; Iridium Aeronautical Services; International Auditing Standards (oVoD); Institute for Advanced Study; Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences; Institute of the Aerospace Sciences
abbr., auto. inlet air solenoid (Ford)
abbr., automat. Industry Applications Society
abbr., avia. integrated avionics system; international aircraft standard; airspeed; independent airlift support; instrument approach system; integrated access server; interactive application server
abbr., avia., med. incremental adaptation schedule
abbr., comp., MS Information Access Service (A part of an IrDA infrared communication protocol used so that devices can learn about the services offered by another device)
abbr., comp., net. intruder alarm system
abbr., Indian Agricultural Service; instantaneous advance speed; Iowa Academy of Science
abbr., EBRD International Auditing Guidelines (raf)
abbr., el. information about strings; information access services; information application server; information automation system; integrated alignment system; interactive computing system; ion acoustic scattering
abbr., file.ext. Internet Access Server
abbr., fin. International Accounting Standards (MichaelBurov)
abbr., forestr. invasive alien species
abbr., IT immediate address storage; international accounting standards (Bricker); intelligent automation system; Internet access service
abbr., law Individual Assignment System (аббревиатура встречается в шапке документа - решения суда Tiny Tony)
abbr., Makarov. interactive application system; ion-acoustic scattering
abbr., med. Immunisation Awareness Society; Immunosuppressive Acidic Substance; Infant Apnea Syndrome; Insulin Autoimmune Syndrome; International Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Society; International AIDS Society; intentionally added substances (iwona); Integrated Analysis of Safety ( (ННатальЯ)
abbr., med.appl. interatrial septum (ЭхоКГ harser)
abbr., mil. Intelligence Analysis System; Intelligent Assisting System; International Assistance System
abbr., mil., WMD Information Analysis System; instrument air system
abbr., multimed. Internet authentication service
abbr., O&G, sahk.r. Institute of Automated Systems
abbr., O&G, sakh. International Association of Sedimentologists
abbr., oil ideal adsorbed solution; ideal associated solution; Idaho Asphalt Supply Inc; image-analysis system; Institute for Atmospheric Sciences; internally activated silicates; International Accounting Standard; International Approval Service; International Association of Sedimentology; investigation and survey
abbr., pharm. integrated analysis of safety (shpak_07)
abbr., physiol. Inter-Atrial Septum
abbr., post International Accounting System
abbr., progr. industrial automation system (ssn)
abbr., scottish Improved Armour System; Indicated Air Speed; Integrated Acoustic Sensor
abbr., shipb. Integrated Automation System (MingNa)
abbr., space image analysis system; impact attenuation system; integrated acoustic structure; international application satellite; interplanetary automated shuttle
abbr., tech. integrated alarm system (LyuFi); individual airspeed; instruments approach system
abbr., textile International Aircraft Standards
airports Iasi, Romania
mil. immediate air support; impact assessment sheet; indirect air support; infantry assault ship; information acquisition system; interdepartmental agency support; intrusion alarm system
  iAS abbr.
abbr., el. Internet application server