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  GN abbr.
comp., MS ຈີເອັນ (Personal Area Networks (PAN) that communicate directly between one or more Bluetooth-enabled computers or devices)
 English thesaurus
  GN abbr.
abbr. Genistron; Good Neighbors; Government Notice; Greg Norman; Ground Network; Guarani
abbr., agric. gross nutrients
abbr., busin. gone
abbr., Gauss-Newton Method
abbr., el. gathering network; ground navigation; group name; group network; group number; Gummel number
abbr., food.ind. gastronorm (Стандартные размеры кухонной посуды. Например, GN2/1 = 650 × 530 мм. В переводе, как правило, сохраняется в начальном виде ( Pashkovsky)
abbr., lab.eq. Gradient of Nutrients
abbr., med. Gastroenterology Nursing (periodical); Gaze Nystagmus; Glomerulonephritis; Glucose Nitrogen (ratio); Gnotobiote; Graduate Nurse; Gram-negative; Guanine Nucleotide; Geriatric Nursing (periodical); Glomerular Nephritis; glomerulonephritis (Vosoni); gram-negative (harser)
abbr., mil. Grid North; guidance and navigation
abbr., nautic. Grain (capacity)
abbr., oil geographic north; ground
abbr., physiol., med. Gradual Numbness
abbr., polit. Guinea
abbr., polym. gaseous nitrogen; giganewton
abbr., railw. Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
abbr., sec.sys. Guidance Note (Guidance Note GN3 defines the principles of safe practice for users when handling and moving cylinders, provides a basic understanding of the Manual Handling Operations Regulations as relating to gas cylinders and offers specific guidance to managers and their staff in handling cylinders containing compressed, dissolved and liquefied gases at work places. ixtra)
abbr., soil. gneiss
abbr., sport. Gaming Network; Grand National
energ.ind. global network
mil. geographical north; grid North
tech. Gaussian noise; general notice; generator; grid neutralization
  GN₂ abbr.
abbr., space gaseous nitrogen
  GN2 abbr.
abbr., mil., avia. gaseous nitrogen
  gn abbr.
abbr. general; good night; grain; guinea; gun; acceleration of gravity, normal
abbr., galena
cartogr. green
med. gnathion (Natalya Rovina)
  Gn abbr.
abbr. gentamycin; garden
abbr., greenness
lat. Genesis