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  GAL [gæl] n
comp., MS ຈີເອແອວ (An Address Book that contains entries for every group, user, and contact within an organization's implementation of Exchange Server)
 English thesaurus
  GAL [gæl] abbr.
abbr. Galena, Alaska USA; Gate Array Logic; Generic Array celL / Logic; Get A Life; Get alive!; Go Away Loser; Great Appellate Lawyer; Guardian Ad Litem; Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory
abbr., biol. galactose
abbr., file.ext. Gallery (Corel Multimedia Manager)
abbr., IT Get a life; Global Address List; generic array logic (Bricker)
abbr., med. Galactose; Galactosyl; Glucuronic Acid Lactone
abbr., mil. Gallon
tech. gallium arsenide laser; gas-analysis laboratory
  GAL1 abbr.
abbr., physiol. Galectin-1 protein
  gal. abbr.
abbr. galvanic; galvanized; galvanometer
abbr., mining. gallery
abbr., textile gallon
  Gal [gæl] abbr.
abbr., avia. gemini airlines LTD.
  gal [gæl] abbr.
abbr., galena
  Gal [gæl] abbr.
abbr., oil Galileo; Gallic
  gal [gæl] abbr.
abbr., oil galvanized
abbr., sport. gallon
  Gal [gæl] n
lat. Epistle to the Galatians
  gal [gæl] n
O&G sol gallons of solution
  GALS abbr.
abbr. FSU Satellite ("Horizon"); Give A Lot Service
  gals abbr.
abbr. gallons
  Gal. abbr.
abbr. gallons
  gal s . abbr.
abbr., econ. gallon (s)
  GAL [gæl] abbr.
abbr., busin. galvanometer
abbr., el. general array logic (device)
abbr., oil gate array language; generalized assembly language
abbr., telecom. generic logic array
abbr., textile general average loss