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  DPA abbr.
comp., MS ດີພີເອ (An advanced, distributed method of user authentication from Microsoft, allowing for single user log-on)
 English thesaurus
  DPA abbr.
abbr. Defense Per Acre; District Publicity Assistant; Defense Production Administration; Discharged Prisoners Association; Distributed Password Authentication; display/printer adapter; diphenylacetylene; dipropyl amine
abbr., avia. West Chicago, Illinois USA
abbr., biochem. docosapentaenoic acid (Игорь_2006)
abbr., busin. deferred payment account; dehydrated phosphoric acid
abbr., chem. 2,2-dichloropropionic acid
abbr., chem.nomencl. docosapentaenoic acid (webber)
abbr., comp., MS distributed password authentication
abbr., comp., net. Demand Protocol Architecture
abbr., comp., net., IT Demand Priority Access
abbr., data processing and analysis
abbr., el. defocus position asymmetry; degenerate parametric amplifier; device parameter area; digital processor assembly; double precision arithmetic; driving point admittance
abbr., el., scient. Destructive Physical Analysis; Displacement Per Atom
abbr., electr.eng. Decentralized Parallel Architecture (Pipina)
abbr., file.ext. Document Printing Architecture
abbr., fin. Deferred Purchase Agreement ( aht)
abbr., food.ind. Draft Pale Ale
abbr., IT Distributed Power Architecture; Document Printing Application; data processing automation; Demand Priority Architecture
abbr., law.enf. deferred prosecution agreement (Ремедиос_П)
abbr., med. Dental Practitioners Association; Dipicolinic Acid; Dipropylacetic Acid; Disabled People's Association Of Singapore; Deep Palmar Arch (harser)
abbr., mil. Daily Plan Of Action; Data Processing Activities; Defense Procurement Agency; Delegation of Procurement Authority; danger pay allowance
abbr., mil., WMD drum preparation area
abbr., nautic. Designated Person Ashore (Nat_Li); designated persons ashore (Ying)
abbr., oil Department of Professional Affairs; diphenyl amine; double precision arithmetric
abbr., phys. destructive physical analysis (LyuFi)
abbr., polym. diphenylamine
abbr., scottish Defence Procurement Agency (UK); Defense Production Act (USA)
abbr., sec.sys. Designated Person Ashore (AVLS)
abbr., sec.sys., IT Data Privacy Algorithm
abbr., space digital pre-assembly
abbr., tradem. Deer Park Ave
abbr., UN Department of Political Affairs
abbr., work.fl. Data Processing Agreement (pkat89)
mil. data processing agency; data processing area
railw. diner-lounge
tech. data processing algorithm; data processing assembly; displacements per atom; dynamic-pointer array
  DPA 84 abbr.
account. Data Protection Act 1984
  dpa abbr.
abbr. dislocation per atom
energ.ind. displacement per atom (abab)