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  ASP [æsp] n
comp., MS ເອເອັສພີ (A Web-oriented technology developed by Microsoft that is designed to enable server-side scripting)
 English thesaurus
  ASP [æsp] abbr.
abbr. Abstract Service Primitive (OSI); Academy of Students of Pharmacy; Accredited Staging Professional; Active Signaling Protocol; Administrative System Project; Administrative Systems Project; Advanced Signal Processing / Processor; Application Service Provider (dms); Advanced Simple Profile; Advanced Spatial Parameterization; Advanced Speech Processor; Advanced Systems Protocol; Aggregated Switch Procurement; All Source Production; Allied Standing Procedure; Alternative School Programs; American Society of Photogrammetry; American Strategic Income PT Fund, Inc.; Amur Shipbuilding Plant (Yeldar Azanbayev); Angry Sick Person; Appletalk Session Protocol (Apple, AppleTalk); Application Service Providing; Armed Services Police; Army Strategic Plan; Arrival Sequencing Program; Artifical Stone Paving; Asinine Server Problems; Ass Suck Protocol; Astronomical Society of the Pacific; Atari Software Pirates; ATM Switch Processor; Authorized Service Provider (Sun); Auxiliary Storage Pool; Average Sales Price; Aviation Safety Program; Awareness during Sleep Paralysis; Awful Stock Pick; The Academy Of Student Pharmacists
abbr., agric. African pig plague (MichaelBurov); African swine fever (MichaelBurov); Montgomery swine flu (MichaelBurov); Pestis africana suum (MichaelBurov); ASF (MichaelBurov)
abbr., automat. automated small batch production
abbr., avia. airspace; audio selector panel (Interex); Aeronautical Surveillance Panel; aeronautical surveillance plan
abbr., bank. American selling price (4uzhoj)
abbr., biochem. acylation-stimulating protein (белок, стимулирующий ацилирование Dimpassy)
abbr., biol. American Society of Parasitologists
abbr., BrE air stores park; aircraft servicing platform
abbr., busin. average selling price (MichaelBurov)
abbr., chem. Aspartic acid (Vosoni)
abbr., comp., net. AppleTalk Session Protocol
abbr., econ. Area Settlement Plan (robin0509)
abbr., el. active server pages; access signaling protocol; adapter signal processing; advanced strip and passivation chamber; advanced solution provider; advanced speech processing; advanced support processor; algorithmic signal processor; analog signal processing; analog surround sound processing; applet security profile; application service primitives; application software program; application specific product; associative storing processor; associative string processor; asymmetric multiprocessing system; ATM switching preprocessor; audio signal processor; authentication service provider; automated spooling priority; automatic scheduling procedures; automatic small production; automatic speech recognizer
abbr., electr.eng. aluminum-steel-polyethylene
abbr., file.ext. Application/Authorized Service Provider; Aspect language script file (Procomm Plus); Association of Shareware Professionals; Association of Shareware Professionals note
abbr., fishery amnesic shell-fish poison
abbr., inf. Anglo-Saxon Protestant
abbr., IT Active Server Page; active server pages (Bricker); attached support processor; average selling price; Application service provider
abbr., med. aspartic acid; antisocial personality; aortic systolic pressure; application service provider; area systolic pressure; asparaginase; aspartame; aspartate; aspiration; automatic signal processing; Academy Of Students Of Pharmacy; Acute Symmetric Polyarthritis; American Society For Photobiology; American Society Of Parasitologists; American Society Of Parasitology; Ankylosing Spondylitis; Anorectal Malformation, Sacral Bony Abnormality, Presacral Mass (association); Antibody-specific Prediction; Antisocial Personality; Aortic Systolic Pressure; Application Service Provider; Area Systolic Pressure; Asparaginase; Aspartame; Aspartate, Aspartic Acid; Aspiration; Automatic Signal Processing; Association Of Specialty Professors; Australian Society For Parasitology; Australian Society Of Periodontology; Aiguille d'Acupuncture Semi-permanente
abbr., mil. Antenna Scan Period; ammunition supply point (slitely_mad)
abbr., nano aerosol spray pyrolysis
abbr., O&G, sakh. alkali surfactant polymer
abbr., oil acoustic scope picture; allowable surface pressure (andrushin); apparent spontaneous potential
abbr., Africa Stockpiles Programme
abbr., physiol. Affected Sibling Pair; Amnesic Shellfish Poisoning
abbr., post Associate Supervisor Program (since 1996, 16 week program)
abbr., progr. abstract service primitive (ssn)
abbr., scottish Advanced Soundranging Programme (UK); Air Surveillance Platform (India); Airbase Survivability Program (USA); Annual Service Practice (USA); Automatic, Self-Powered (USA)
abbr., skydive. Accelerated Skydiving Program
abbr., toxicol. amnesic shellfish poisoning
abbr., water.suppl. Active Sludge Plant
invest. American selling price
mil. advanced signal processor; advanced studies program; advanced supply point; advanced systems planning; Air Subpanel; air superiority program; air support party; air support plan; airborne sensor platform; all-altitude spin projected; ammunition supply point; amphibious supply platform; annual service practice; antisubmarine plane; armament status panel; Armed Services papers; Army supply program; atomic strike plan; augmented support period; augmented support plan; automated schedule procedures; automatic switching panel; available supply point
tech. accepted stores procedure; accident sequence precursor; active sonar processor; administrative site procedure; aft solar panel; analog signal processor; antenna sidelobe pattern; application service providers; automatic sample processor; automatic schedule procedure; automatic servo plotter; auxiliary shutdown panel; auxiliary spacecraft power
  Asp [æsp] abbr.
abbr. arsenopyrite (Bema)
abbr., med. aspartic acid (or its radical forms)
abbr., oil asphalt ic; asphaltenes; asphaltine s
  Asp. abbr.
abbr., chem. aspartic acid
  .asp The file name extension of a Web page that is an Active Server Page abbr.
abbr., comp., MS ‎.asp
  .asp n
comp., MS ‎.asp (The file name extension of a Web page that is an Active Server Page)
file.ext. Active Server Page (file name extension)
  asp [æsp] abbr.
abbr. amber star, parachute
  ASP An organization that delivers a contractual service to deploy, host, manage, and provide access to an application from a facility other than the customer's site abbr.
abbr., comp., MS ASP
  asp. abbr.
abbr., mining. asphalt
  ASP [æsp] abbr.
abbr. Automatic set point setting (soa.iya); adjunct service point; American Society of Pharmacognosy
abbr., avia. airbase survivability program; altitude set panel
abbr., busin. as per; as soon as possible
abbr., comp., MS ASP (An organization that delivers a contractual service to deploy, host, manage, and provide access to an application from a facility other than the customer's site)
abbr., desert. autumn saved pasture
abbr., advanced study program; analysis of synthetic programmes; AOIPS support package
abbr., econ. American Selling Price.
abbr., fin. acceptance supra protest
abbr., oil acoustic slope picture; activated sludge plant; activated sludge process; advanced signal processing; advanced system planning; alkali ne -surfactant-polymer flooding; alkylsulfonate of mixed phenols; American Society of Petroleum; analysis of synthetic program; antifriction self-lubricating plastics; array signal processing; associative data structure package; automatic schedule procedures; automatic slurry processor; automatic synthesis program
abbr., progr. associative support processor (ssn)
abbr., sex adult service provider (polite term for a hooker Val_Ships)
abbr., space aerospace plane; antisubmarine patrol; antisubmarine projector; Apollo spacecraft project; atmospheric sounding projectile; attitude sensor package; automated small-batch production; auxiliary space craft power