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  drawing ['drɔ:ɪŋ] v
comp., MS रेखाटन (Any ink that you add to a file that is not recognized as handwriting)
 English thesaurus
  drawing ['drɔ:ɪŋ] abbr.
abbr. drg
abbr., construct. drw
abbr., met. d.-g.; drw.
abbr., polym. dg
invest., abbr. drg.
  Drawing ['drɔ:ɪŋ] abbr.
abbr., file.ext. .drw (file name extensions)
  DRAW [drɔ:] abbr.
abbr. Dignity And Respect At Work (Interex)
abbr., comp., net. direct read after write
abbr., IT Declutter Read Assess And Write
abbr., media. Direct Read After Write
abbr., mil., avia. dual role attack weapon
mil. dual-role attack weapon
tech. direct read after write nonerasable
  Draw [drɔ:] abbr.
abbr., file.ext. .drw
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