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  byte [baɪt] n
comp., MS बायट (A unit of data that typically holds a single character, such as a letter, a digit, or a punctuation mark. Some single characters can take up more than one byte)
 English thesaurus
  byte [baɪt] abbr.
abbr., el. binary term
IT, dat.proc. byte
  BYTE [baɪt] abbr.
abbr. Pirhana, Inc.
abbr., file.ext. Binary Element String
abbr., IT Binary Yoked Transfer Element
abbr., mil. Group of bits used to encode a single letter, number, or symbol
  Bytes n
unit.meas., abbr. B
  byte A field size or data type that can hold positive integer numbers ranging from 0 to 255 abbr.
abbr., comp., MS బైట్
  Byte [baɪt] n
softw., abbr. B
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