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  animation [ænɪ'meɪʃ(ə)n] n
comp., MS सजीव चित्र (A record of synthetic, successive still images that produce an illusion of movement when played back)
 English thesaurus
  animation [ænɪ'meɪʃ(ə)n] n
cinema The process of creating the illusion of motion by creating individual frames, as opposed to filming naturally-occurring action at a regular frame rate. See also computer generated animation, claymation, time lapse. Contrast with motion capture, rotoscoping.
mil., logist. The animation of the intelligence function by the command consists in: 1. putting in motion or relaunching the intelligence cycle, simultaneously with the support to be provided; 2. ensuring the link between the various phases of the cycle and their consistency; 3. supervising the satisfaction of the needs met by the cycle; 4. directing the intelligence maneuver (FRA)
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