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  alert [ə'lɜ:t] n
comp., MS अलर्ट (A notification that is displayed to a user when user-defined criteria are met); दक्षताय (A feature that notifies a user when there is a change to posted content, workflow status, or when other user-defined criteria are met)
 English thesaurus
  alert [ə'lɜ:t] abbr.
abbr., amer., slang wired (I am really wired after drinking five cups of coffee)
mil., logist. State of readiness for a specific action. 2. A warning signal of a real or dreaded danger, such as an air attack. (FRA)
  ALERT [ə'lɜ:t] abbr.
abbr. Accelerated Licensure Evaluation And Review Techniques; Attack and Launch Early Report to Theater (AF)
abbr., ed. Actual Learning Environment Response Training; Assisted Learning Environment Response Team; Augmented Learning Environment For Renewable Teaching
abbr., el. attack and launch early reporting to theater; automated linguistic extraction and retrieval technique; automatic logical equipment readiness tester
abbr., med. Advanced Local Emergency Response Team; Assessment of Lescol in Renal Transplantion (ssn)
abbr., mil. Air Land Emergency Rescue Team; Attack Launch Early Reporting to Theater; Advanced Law Enforcement and Response Technology; Air/Land Enhanced Reconnaissance and Targeting; attack and launch early reporting to theater
abbr., mil., avia. air-land enhanced reconnaissance and targeting
abbr., traf. Advice and problem Location for European Road Traffic (AlexanderGerasimov)
  ALERT [ə'lɜ:t] abbr.
abbr., oil automated local evaluation in real time
abbr., space automatic logging electronic reporting and telemetering
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