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  DAO abbr.
comp., MS डि.ए.ओ. (A programming interface to access and manipulate database objects)
 English thesaurus
  DAO abbr.
abbr., avia. Design Approval Organization (geseb)
abbr., dig.curr. decentralised autonomous organisation (ВосьМой)
abbr., el. disorder activated optical phonon; display address output; disk-at-once
abbr., mil. defense attache office; defense attache officer; department/ agency/organization
abbr., progr. data access objects (ssn)
  DaO abbr.
abbr., delivering as one
  DAO abbr.
abbr. Deasphalted oil (konstmak); Destination Address Omitted (flag, CATNIP); Divisional Ammunition Officer; diamine oxidase
abbr., avia. defence attache office
abbr., comp., MS Data Access Objects (A programming interface to access and manipulate database objects); DAO (A programming interface to access and manipulate database objects)
abbr., dig.curr. decentralized autonomous organization (ВосьМой)
abbr., inet. Does Anyone Own
abbr., IT Data Access Object; Database Access Object; Disk At Once; data access objects (Bricker)
abbr., med. dynamic atrial overdrive (harser); depressor anguli oris (ННатальЯ)
abbr., mil. Defense Accounting Office; Defense Attaché Office; Division Ammo Office
abbr., nautic., scient. Departmental Administrative Order
abbr., oil department administrative order
abbr., scottish Defense Administration Office (USA); Defense Attache Office (USA); Double Action Only
mil. division air officer; division ammunition office; division ammunition officer
tech. dial assistance operator