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radio-relay system ['reɪdɪəu'ri:leɪ'sɪstɪm]
gen. impianto di trasmissione per ponte radio
commun. collegamento radio a microonde; ponte radio a microonde; ponte radio
commun., IT fascio hertziano
radio collegamento in ponte radio; RRL acronimo; sistema in ponte radio
line-of-sight radio-relay system ['reɪdɪəu'ri:leɪ'sɪstɪm]
radio collegamento a microonde
 English thesaurus
radio-relay system ['reɪdɪəu'ri:leɪ'sɪstɪm]
mil., logist. Point-to-point radio electric equipment with directed waves, working in duplex and permitting the transmission over several channels, owing to the use of adequate multiplexing equipment. (FRA)
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