Multitran dictionary

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  "need to know"
IT necessità di conoscere; necessità di sapere
IT, engl. "need to know"
  need to know [ˌniːdtǝ'nǝʊ]
gen. necessità di sapere
 English thesaurus
  need to know [ˌniːdtǝ'nǝʊ]
mil., logist. Pressing need for an agency, a function or somebody to peruse a piece of information within the framework of a given function and for the proper execution of a specific mission. (FRA)
USA A criterion used in security procedures that requires the custodians of classified information to establish, prior to disclosure, that the intended recipient must have access to the information to perform his or her official duties (JP 2-01.2)
IT, abbr. NTK (DFUE-Slang, Usenet, IRC)