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  AA ['ɑ:(')ɑ:] abbr.
comp., MS élsimítás (A software technique for smoothing the jagged appearance of curved or diagonal lines caused by poor resolution on a display screen. Methods of anti-aliasing include surrounding pixels with intermediate shades and manipulating the size and horizontal alignment of the pixels)
 English thesaurus
  AA ['ɑ:(')ɑ:] abbr.
abbr. Afar; Affirmative Action; An Agency; Ann Arbor; As Amended; Alternative Armies; Addis Ababa; Aluminum Association; laminated asbestos fabric; second class (grade AA); Abbreviated Analysis; Absolute Anarchy; Academic Affairs; Academic Alliance; Academy Award; Acceptance And Action; accompanied by adults (о фильме, на который пускают только вместе с родителями Anglophile); Accreditation Authority; Accredited Appraiser; Acquired Attributes; Active Active; Active Annual; Active Page; Activities And Attitudes; Activity Approach; Adaptive Algorithm; Addictions Anonymous; Adjustable Arms; Adjusted Allotment; Adjusting Appendix; Administrative Assistants; Administrative Authority; Adult Accompaniment; Advanced Alloy; Advanced Articulators Toastmasters Club; Advanced Auditing; Adverse Action; Advertising Association; Affirmative Action committee; Affordability Analysis; Against Actuals; Agile Access; Air Abrasion; Air Almanac; Air Attache; Airbus Always; Alan Alexander; Alaska Airlines; Alcoa, Inc.; Alcoholic Acting; Alcoholics Arise; Algorithmic Architecture; All Age; Allied Affairs; Allied Command, Atlantic; Alpha Alpha; Alpha Alumni; Alternate Advancement; Always Aground; Always Available; Amarillo Area Office (DOE); Amazon Alliance; Amd Assured; AMD Athlon processor; America's Answer; American Archaeology; American Army; American Arrogance; American Atheists; Americans Anonymous; Amino Acrylate; Amyloid Associated; Anal Aneurism; Anal Attack; Analysis Assistant; Anaplastic Anaemia; Anatomical Adaptation; Anchor Assembly; Ancient Arts; Angelus Academy; Angle Angle; Anglo-American; Ann Arbor Railroad; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Anonymous Amigo; Another Ah; Anti Alias; Anti Aliasing; Anti Apostle; Anti- Armor; Apache Anne; Appointing Authority; Aptitude Area; Arakan Army; Arch Angel; Archaic Academy; Architectural Association; Argument Analysis; Armor Attachment; Armored Ambulance; Armoured Assault; Army Act; Army Air; Arrogant Assholes; Artistic Aerobatics; ASCII Art; Asian Affairs (наименование японского периодического издания по экономическим вопросам Углов); Assassins Anonymous; Assets Accounting (ННатальЯ); assigned amount (официальный термин в Киотском протоколе Leonid Dzhepko); Assistance Administration; Assistant Adjutant; Assistant Administrator; Associate in Accounting; Associate Of Arts; Association Of Assholes; Astokh Asset (SEIC ABelonogov); Astronomical Applications; Astronomy Astrophysics; Athens News Agency (Афинское информационное агентство (Греция) Углов); Atlantic Assembly; Attitude Adjustment; Attract Attention; Australian Army; Author's Addition; Automated Anvil; Automatic Adjust; Automatic Analyzer; Automatic Answer; Automobile Association; Avenue of Approach; Average Attendance; Average Audience; Aviation Annex; Awaiting Activation; Awful Awful; The Atlantic Alliance; Of each Ana; Antiaircraft Artillery; author's alternations
abbr., account. age allowance; annual allowance (Ying)
abbr., agric. acetic acid; acrylic acid; ammonium acetate; ascorbic acid
abbr., anat. angular artery (ННатальЯ)
abbr., astronaut. Adaptive Automation
abbr., austral. Australian Academy of Science
abbr., automat. arithmetical average
abbr., avia. airworthiness authorities (Interex); all after; announced address; arrival approved; accelerated assemblies; advertise and award; air carrier; airport analysis; alert availability; alternate aerodrome; altitude acquire; airport approach; autopilot annunciator
abbr., avia., med. achievement age
abbr., BrE Automobile Association (Великобритания: Лингвострановедческий словарь. 9 500 единиц / А.Р.У. Рум, Л.В. Колесников, Г.А. Пасечник и др. - М.: Рус. яз., 1978 Alexandra Tolmatschowa); Alcoholics Anonymous (Великобритания: Лингвострановедческий словарь. - М.: Рус. яз., 1978 Alexandra Tolmatschowa)
abbr., busin. Advertising Agency; after arrival; Aid Account; all along; aminoacid; Australia; automatic approval; Automatic Approval (System); grade AA
abbr., cartogr. approximate alignment
abbr., chem., scient. Atomic Absorption
abbr., cinema All Ages
abbr., commer. second grade
abbr., allotment advice
abbr., active anthracite; affected areas; alluvial aquifer; Aluminium Association; Aluminium Company of America; Analytical Abstracts; Anglo-American Corp.; anisyl acetone; Antarctic Area; anthranilic acid; aphyric andesite; Asia & Africa; atomic absorption spectrophotometry; auroral absorption; Austroalpine nappe; azimuth anisotropy
abbr., econ. Aluminum company of America; against actual
abbr., el. absolute addressing; absolute assembly; access adapter; access agent; active addressing; active area; adapter assembly; address array; analog adder; angle of arrival; arithmetic address; auditorium acoustics; auto alignment; auto attendant; automatic alarm; automatic answer ing
abbr., electr.eng. amplitude analyzer; dry-type self-cooled transformer
abbr., EU. association agreement
abbr., file.ext. Auto Answer
abbr., fin. active account; active asset
abbr., health., med. Application As
abbr., inet. Ask About
abbr., inf. Almost Airborne
abbr., IT adaptive antenna
abbr., law Articles of Association (spanishru)
abbr., math., scient. Almost All
abbr., med. Academy Of Aphasia; Acetic Acid; Active Avoidance; Acupuncture Analgesia; Acute Appendicitis; Adenine Arabinoside; Adenylic Acid; Adjuvant Arthritis; Adrenal Androgen; Adrenocortical Autoantibody; African American; Aggregated Albumin; bacterial Aggregative Adherence; Agranulocytic Angina; Alcohol Abuse; Alcoholics Anonymous. Alcooliques Anonymes. Alcohólicos Anónimos; Allergic Alveolitis; Alopecia Areata; Alveolo-arterial; Aminoacetone; Amino Acid; Aminoacyl; Amyloid A; Alzheimer's Association; Arteries (Lat. Arteriae); Anesthesiologist Assistant; Arachidonic Acid; aplastic anaemia (MichaelBurov); aplastic anemia (MichaelBurov); abdominal aorta (брюшная аорта Dimpassy); anaesthetic agent (harser); aortic atresia (атрезия аорты Dimpassy); atrial appendage (ушко предсердия Dimpassy); Alcoholics Anonymous (MichaelBurov); Al-Anon (MichaelBurov)
abbr., meteorol. anti-agglomerate (Yakov); air annealed
abbr., mil. Administrative Assistant; America's Army; acting assistant; air-to-air; antiaircraft; Armoured Ambulance (qwarty); assessment agent; avenue of approach
abbr., mil., WMD Atomic absorption
abbr., nautic. Accounting Authority (расчетная организация (за радиоуслуги) Morning93); Always Afloat
abbr., oil after acidizing; author's alteration; spectrometry (method of chemical analysis); alkaline agent; absolute alcohol; acetaldehyde ammonia; acetaldehyde-ammonia condensate; acetic anhydride; acetylacetone; adaptive amplifier; after aging; Akron abrasion loss; alkali andesite; always safe afloat; amino-acid; aminoacid analyzer; amplitude anomaly; analysis of accounts; angular agmatite; annual average; approximate absolute temperature scale; arachidic eicosanoic acid; Atomic Age; author's alteration s; autoalarm; autoanalyzer
abbr., opt. angular aperture
abbr., physiol. Abdominal Aorta; African-American; Anal Aneurysm; Aspenice Anesthesiology
abbr., physiol., med. African- American; Of Each
abbr., polit. Aruba
abbr., polym. allyl alcohol
abbr., post Armed Forces Americas (Префикс военной почты для Америки Yakov)
abbr., progr. access authorisation (ssn); access authorization (ssn); adaptive architecture (ssn)
abbr., qual.cont. arithmetic average
abbr., scient. Astronomy and Astrophysics
abbr., scottish Active Adjunct (sonar); Air Adviser (UK Royal Air Force); Aluminum Association (USA); Anti-Aircraft; Armature Accelerator
abbr., space acquisition aiding; air abort; air to air; Allied Command Atlantic (NATO); angle of attack; any acceptable; artificial antenna; automatic approach
abbr., sport. All American; All Around; all-around; athletic association
abbr., telecom. Automated Attendant (Alexxxa)
abbr., transp. American Airlines
Apollo-Soyuz Air-air communication
energ.ind. accident analysis; advance angle; air-assisted; ambient air; angular acceleration; antihunt action; antiproton accumulator (ring); atmospheric absorption; atomizing air; authorized access; authorized activity; azimuthal angle
meteorol. absolute altitude; anti-air-craft
mil. Atlantic area; absolute address; access authorization; achieved availability; acting appointment; activation analysis; administrative assistant; aerosol analyzer; affected area; air ambulance; air armament; airborne alert; airman apprentice; amphibious assault; antiaircraft artillery; approving authority; armament artificer; arming assembly; army artillery; arrival angle; artificial aerial; assembly area; atmospheric applications; attack assessment; authorized allowance; autoacquisition
tech. abbreviated addressing; absolute assembler; accelerometer assembly; access address; acrylamide; additional absorber; additional air; aero-assisted (mode); airplane avionics; analog amplifier; angular accelerometer; antenna array; aperiodic antenna; Apollo applications; apparent absorption; approximate absolute; audible alarm; auto acquisition; auto acquisition radar; autopilot amplifier; auxiliary air; laminate asbestos fabric
wood. straight teeth
  AA. abbr.
abbr. American Anthropologist (наименование американского периодического издания по вопросам антропологии Углов)
  aa ['ɑ:(')ɑ:] abbr.
abbr. directly controlled company (Alina-2010)
abbr., aa lava
abbr., med. of each; arteries; G. ana of each (USED in prescriptions)
chem. amino acid (Михелёв)
O&G as above (andrushin)
  aA ['ɑ:(')ɑ:] abbr.
abbr. attoampere; abampere
  AA HS abbr.
abbr. High School Airman Apprentice (младший рядовой авиации ВМС со средним образованием Углов)
  aa. abbr.
abbr. Press Agency
abbr., med. arteries
  Aa ['ɑ:(')ɑ:] abbr.
abbr., oil acetaldehyde