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 procedure [prə'si:ʤə] adj.
gen. λειτουργία
comp., MS διαδικασία (A sequence of declarations and statements that are executed as a unit)
IT, tech. διαδικασία, el. μέθοδος
med. χειρισμός έκτρωσης
patents. δικονομικές διατάξεις
 1503 procedure adj.
UN διαδικασία 1503
 procedure test adj.
transp. όχημα μαζικής παραγωγής
 English thesaurus
 procedure [prə'si:ʤə] abbr.
abbr. prc
abbr., polym. proc.
IT A document containing a detailed description of the steps necessary to perform specific operations in conformance with applicable standards. Procedures are defined as part of processes.
mil., abbr. pcdr; pro; proc
tech., abbr. procd
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