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 code [kəud] n
gen. κώδικας; κρυπτογράφημα; κρυπτογραφώ
 coding ['kəudɪŋ] v
econ. κωδικοποίηση
 code [kəud] adj.
commun. κωδικός δρομολόγησης; χαρακτηριστικός αριθμός
IT σύστημα κωδικοποίησης
IT, dat.proc. κώδικας; σύνολο κωδικοποιημένων χαρακτήρων
IT, tech. κωδικοποιημένη παράσταση
work.fl., IT αριθμικός κωδικός; κλειδί; κωδικός; κωδικοσύνολο
 1242 code adj.
el. κώδικας 1242
 00 code adj.
commun. πρόθεμα 00
 Code [kəud] adj.
health. Παγκόσμιος κώδικας αντι-ντόπινγκ
law, cust. ενωσιακός τελωνειακός κώδικας; κώδικας
 to code adj.
IT, tech. προγραμματίζω
med. κωδικοποιώ
 code A systematic collection, compendium or revision of laws, rules, or regulations. A private or official compilation of all permanent laws in force consolidated and classified according to subject matter. Many states have published official codes of all laws in force, including the common law and statutes as judicially interpreted, which have been compiled by code commissions and enacted by the legislatures adj.
environ. κωδικός
 English thesaurus
 code [kəud] n
law law created by statutes
med. code blue (поскольку code blue - это наиболее часто употребляемый код в больницах alia20)
mil., abbr. cd
 CODE [kəud] abbr.
abbr. Coastal Ocean Dynamics Experiment; Client/server Open Development Environment (Powersoft); COlor Depth Enhancement (ATI); Creation Out Of Deep Energy
abbr., astr., scient. Creation Out of Deep Energy
abbr., astronaut. Cooperative OLYMPUS Data Experiment
abbr., ed. Community Organized Drug Education; Council of Ontario Directors of Education (Ying)
abbr., file.ext. Client-Server Open Development Environment
abbr., law Community Oriented Drug Enforcement
abbr., med. Courses Online Dental Ethics
mil. Committee on Donor Enlistment; controller decision evaluation
 Code [kəud] n
law, City Code on Takeovers and Mergers
Code of Civil Procedure
law, abbr. C.
 CODE [kəud] abbr.
abbr., chem. 1-chloro-1,2-dibromoethane
abbr., coastal ocean dynamic experiment
abbr., oil crude oil data exchange
code: 1690 phrases in 53 subjects
Agriculture9 International law2
Aviation1 International trade10
Chemistry1 Labor law5
Commerce5 Law62
Communications333 Life sciences14
Construction1 Marketing16
Criminal law2 Materials science5
Cultural studies3 Mechanic engineering1
Customs1 Medical19
Earth sciences9 Metallurgy1
Ecology4 Microsoft90
Economy131 Mineral products4
Education1 Municipal planning1
Electronics149 Natural sciences1
Energy industry3 Nuclear physics1
Environment11 Obsolete / dated2
Finances222 Pharmacy and pharmacology2
Fish farming pisciculture5 Politics18
Food industry2 Private international law3
Forestry2 Scientific1
General52 Social science10
Health care19 Statistics4
Hobbies and pastimes3 Taxes4
Human rights activism1 Technology12
Immigration and citizenship3 Transport116
Industry8 Work flow23
Information technology282