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 chain [ʧeɪn] n
forestr. αλυσίδα (αντιολισθητική)
industr., construct. αλυσίδα τραβήγματος; στήμων υφάσματος
math. αλυσίδα
transp., construct. σχοινί; καλώδιο
transp., mech.eng. βρόχος αλυσίδας
work.fl., IT ταξινομητική αλυσίδα
 1 chain n
tech. 22 γιάρδες; αλυσίδα
 chaining v
agric., coal. περίζωσις
agric., construct. διέλευσις αλύσου
commun., IT αλύσσωση' αλυσιδωτή σύνδεση
forestr. βυθοκαθαρισμός
IT αλύσωση
IT, el. αλυσιδωτή σύνδεση
stat. αλληλουχία; συνάφεια
 English thesaurus
 chain [ʧeɪn] abbr.
abbr., cartogr. chn
abbr., handicraft. ch (Himera)
abbr., IT ch 20.1168m =20.1168m
 CHAIN [ʧeɪn] abbr.
abbr. Communities Helping Adults In Need
abbr., med. Contact, Help, Advice, Information, Network For Effective Health Care (database)
chain: 754 phrases in 43 subjects
Accounting1 Industry30
Agriculture104 Information technology48
Chemistry16 Labor law3
Coal3 Labor organization1
Commerce4 Law13
Communications11 Life sciences13
Construction3 Marketing20
Criminal law1 Materials science5
Earth sciences15 Mathematics19
Economy7 Mechanic engineering129
Education1 Medical25
Electronics24 Metallurgy8
Energy industry1 Microsoft8
Environment19 Municipal planning3
Finances6 Natural sciences9
Fish farming pisciculture3 Nuclear and fusion power2
Food industry5 Physical sciences3
Forestry20 Statistics10
General26 Technology24
Health care9 Transport82
Hobbies and pastimes1 Work flow18
Immigration and citizenship1