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 negative ['negətɪv] n
gen. αρνητικό
 "negative" n
commun. αρνητικό
 negative ['negətɪv] adj.
gen. αρνητική; αρνητικός
chem. αρνητική μήτρα
 "negative" adj.
commun. όχι
 English thesaurus
 negative ['negətɪv] abbr.
abbr. n
abbr., med. -ve (отрицательный результат некоторых лабораторных исследований Dimpassy); no evidence of (Andrey Truhachev)
abbr., polym. neg
abbr., qual.cont. neg.
med. no evidence (of Andrey Truhachev)
progr. active low (ssn)
slang bad things (There are too many negatives about the company merger)
 "Negative" n
avia., Canada An expression used in radiocommunication meaning "No," "Permission not granted," or "That is not correct."
negative: 314 phrases in 43 subjects
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Agriculture4 Law6
Astronautics5 Life sciences9
Business1 Marketing1
Chemistry4 Materials science1
Commerce3 Mathematics21
Communications16 Mechanic engineering8
Cultural studies14 Medical15
Earth sciences28 Metallurgy5
Economy12 Microsoft1
Electronics51 Natural resourses and wildlife conservation1
Environment2 Natural sciences4
Finances28 Pharmacy and pharmacology1
Fish farming pisciculture1 Physical sciences2
Forestry1 Scientific2
General12 Social science1
Health care2 Statistics10
Human rights activism1 Taxes1
Immigration and citizenship2 Technology4
Industry2 Transport12
Information technology13 Work flow2