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i [aɪ]
gen. εγώ
 English thesaurus
I [aɪ] abbr.
abbr. acoustic intensity; candlepower; conduction current; current density; electric current; Idaho; indicating; infantry; Informal Report; interception; interceptor; Interim Report; international; Irish; Italy; Italian; luminous intensity; independence; instantaneous; institute; institution; Intelligence; Intrapictures (MPEG); Ireland; colicinogenic factor; irradiance
abbr., auto. injection; inlet valve; interstate highway; institute or institution; intake; intelligent
abbr., avia. intruder; induced; inertial; inlet; inquiry; interchange
abbr., busin. ice refrigerator; ignition; imperial; import; importation; indicate; industrial; industry; insoluble; institution; instructor; intelligence; interpreter; iodine; issue
abbr., cartogr. imperial; Iowa; iron
abbr., chem. HXR (hypoxanthine ribo side)
abbr., dril. in gage
abbr., drug.name Iodine
abbr., earth.sc. Iceland; icing; Illinoian; ilmenite; imbrication; inclusions; insolubility; instrumentation; intensity of light; intensity of magnetization flux; intermediate; intrusives; ion; ionic strength; Ireland; iron; moment of inertia; palaeomagnetic inclinations
abbr., el. ionic
abbr., electric. interpole
abbr., genet. inhibitor
abbr., geol. Isuan (MichaelBurov); Isuanian (MichaelBurov); Isuanian age (MichaelBurov); Isuanian Era (MichaelBurov); Isuanian Period (MichaelBurov); Isuanian time (MichaelBurov); the Isuanian (MichaelBurov)
abbr., inf. a (шотл. bellb1rd)
abbr., IT incomplete; intransitive
abbr., med. inspired (gas; SUBSCRIPT); inosine; insulin; intensity of magnetism; iodamoeba; isospora; ixodes; sound intensity; Endometrial Carcinoma In Situ Confined To The Corpus Uteri (International Federation Of Gynecologists And Obstetricians (FIGO) Classification); iodine; Ino; Ile
abbr., mil. individual
abbr., mil., air.def. airborne intercept; improvement factor; in-phase; radar interference
abbr., oil I-beam; ice; illite; illuminating power; imperfection; impulse; incidence; inclination; incomplete; independent; index; indicator; inertia; inertinite; injectivity index; inside; inspection; inspector; installation; instantaneous; institute; instruction; instrument (ation); intensity; intercept; interchangeability; interest; interface; interference; intermediate speed; Internet; invasion; inverter; ionization; isolated; isotope; isotropic
abbr., phys. enthalpy
abbr., physiol. Internal; Irritant
abbr., polym. initiator
abbr., scottish India (phonetic alphabet)
abbr., sport. injury
abbr., telecom. in
mil. immediate; inactivated; independent; indicator; inert; inspection; inspector; instruction; instructor; intercept; interceptor; interchangeability; interference; interpreter
I. abbr.
abbr. inertia
I2 abbr.
abbr. Intelligence Information
I. abbr.
abbr., earth.sc. island; isle; isles; islet
I2 abbr.
abbr., el. image intensifier; Internet 2
abbr., mil. identity intelligence; Image Intensification; Image-Intensifying (system)
I. abbr.
abbr., tech. inclination
abbr., textile inseam
mil. image intensifier
I3 abbr.
abbr., mil., air.def. information, integration and imaging
abbr., mil., avia. intelligent integration of information
tech. intelligent instrumentation interface
I0 abbr.
abbr., chem. initial activity
¹³¹I abbr.
abbr., chem. iodine-131
abbr., el. intelligent instrumentation interface
131I abbr.
abbr., med. iodine 131
6I abbr.
abbr. hexamethylene isoterephalamide
3I abbr.
abbr., el. IAP, ISP and ICP
125I abbr.
abbr., med. iodine 125
123I abbr.
abbr., med. iodine 123 (radioisotope)
I⁴ abbr.
abbr., mil., air.def. international information integrity institute
I4 abbr.
abbr., telecom. Information service, Interactive & Interface, Intelligence and Integration
i [aɪ] abbr.
abbr. incisor; Inclination; nuclide ID (sup)
abbr., auto. gear ratio; immobilizer control unit
abbr., med. incisor; increased; independence; indication; induction; inertness; inspiratory; isochromosome; optically inactive
abbr., med., conv.notation. van't Hoff's factor
polym. general summation index; insoluble
mining. inside length
I50 abbr.
abbr. median inhibition dose; 50 percent inhibition dose
i- abbr.
abbr., chem. iso-; optically inactive
I131 abbr.
abbr., med. radioactive iodine
131I abbr.
abbr., med. radioactive iodine
I TO abbr.
abbr., med. Transient Outward Current (heart Electrical Activity)
I [aɪ] abbr.
abbr., biochem. isoleucine (изолейцин Dimpassy)
abbr., el. current; icon; iconoscope; illumination; immediate; information; insert; interphone; interrupt; intra picture; invalid
abbr., geol. Isuan era (MichaelBurov)
abbr., IT initial; intrinsic
abbr., med. Carcinoma Of The Vaginal Wall (International Federation Of Gynecologists And Obstetricians (FIGO) Classification)
mil. incendiary; input; instrument; inventory
i [aɪ] abbr.
abbr. angle of incidence; instantaneous current; vapour pressure constant
abbr., chem. Van't Hoff factor
abbr., earth.sc. indicated
abbr., math. imaginary number whose square equals minus one
avia. island
biol. inhibitory
mining. inch
O&G injected; injection rate; inner; interval; invaded zone; irreducible; slant
polym. inactive
water.suppl. Hydraulic Gradient
i. abbr.
abbr. inch; incidence; index; indication; indicated; induced
abbr., chem. inactive
abbr., earth.sc. indicator; insoluble
abbr., econ. interest
abbr., phys. intrinsic
3i® abbr.
tradem. Biomet Group Lifecore® Biomedical (MichaelBurov)
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