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  distribution ['dɪstrɪ'bju:ʃ(ə)n] n
gen. Ausschüttung von Dividenden; Verteilung f (of a species); Vertrieb m; Ausbreitung einer Tierart (of a species); Distribution f; Austeilung f; Verrechnung f
agric. Ausbreitung f; Streuung f
chem. Streuung f (Lichtstreuung)
commun. Ablegen n; Ablegesatz m
comp. Verteilung f
construct. Standortverteilung f
ed. Verbreitung f
fin., account. Ausschuettung m; Verteilung von Dividenden
industr., construct., met. Glasverteilung f
IT Verteilanwendung f; Summenhäufigkeitsverteilung f
law Ausschüttung f
math. verallgemeinerte Funktion
patents. Verbreiten
phys. Verbreitung f (e.g. in nature)
stat., el. Stromübertragung f
stat., market. Absatzwirtschaft f; Verteilungswirtschaft
tech. Absatz m; Aufteilung f; Auslieferung f; Einteilung f; Gliederung f; Marketing n; Teilung f; Umlegung f; Verlauf m; Verteiler m
  χ2 distribution n
anal.chem. x2-Verteilung n
  distributions n
fin. Ausschüttung f; Verteilung f
  distribution In an environmental context, the term refers to the dispersion of air pollutants and depends on the type of pollution source (point source, line source, diffuse source), the wind velocity and the wind direction. Distribution can be active or passive n
environ. Verteilung f
 English thesaurus
  distribution ['dɪstrɪ'bju:ʃ(ə)n] abbr.
abbr., mining. distrib.
abbr., polygr. dis
mil., abbr. dist; distn; distr; dsb; dstr
mil., logist. All operations aimed at placing at the disposal of users the resources they need. (FRA)
USA A planned spread of fire to cover a desired frontage or depth; An official delivery of anything, such as orders or supplies; The operational process of synchronizing all elements of the logistic system to deliver the "right things" to the "right place" at the "right time" to support the geographic combatant commander; The process of assigning military personnel to activities, units, or billets (JP 4-0); The arrangement of troops for any purpose, such as a battle, march, or maneuver; A planned pattern of projectiles about a point
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