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gen. fertigmachen
amer. ablehnen; missachten
slang beleidigen; dissen
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gen. Färbung
archaeol. Verfärbung
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  diss [dɪs] v
gen. jdn. fertigmachen
amer. jdn./etw. ablehnen; jdn./etw. missachten
slang jdn. beleidigen; jdn. dissen ugs. : jdn. herabsetzen, beschimpfen
slang, rude jdn. verarschen
 English thesaurus
  DIS [dɪs-] abbr.
abbr. Daily Intelligence Summary; Data Integration System; Defense Information School; Defense Information Strategy; Defense Intelligence School; Defense Intelligence Staff; Defense Intelligence Summary; Defense Investigation Service; Defense Investigation Service DIRWSEG, Director, Weapons Systems Evaluation Group; Department of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards; Director of Information Service; Distributive Interactive Simulation; digital instrument system
abbr., auto. digital ignition system; direct ignition (Waste Spark)
abbr., avia. Loubomo, Congo; Consignment with a discrepancy (Christine_A); disagreement (Interex); disrete (Interex); drawing introduction sheet; data input sheet; data interchange system; defense industrial strategy; digital integrating subsystem; discard; documentation index system
abbr., BrE Defence Intelligence Staff
abbr., comp. Defence Investigative Service (Vosoni)
abbr., comp., net. diagnostic information system; digital identification signal
abbr., comp., net., IT Deeply Integrated Systems; Desktop Infrastructure Services
abbr., ed., scient. Designing Interactive Systems
abbr., el. dynamic impedance stabilization; data input station; data integration service; dedicated information system; defect inspection system; density of interface states; digital image stabilizer; digital information system; digital selective-calling; distributed information simulation; distributed information system; distributed input system; distributed interchange simulation; documentation information system
abbr., file.ext. Thesaurus (CorelDraw); Distribution list (VAX Mail)
abbr., inf. To show disrespect
abbr., IT Distribution list; Draft International Standard; Thesaurus; Data Interpretation System; Dealer Information System; Distributed Interaction Simulation
abbr., law Direct Immediate And Specific
abbr., med. drooling impact scale (Ярилло Ксения); Diagnostic Imaging Services; Draft International Standards
abbr., mil. defense information system; distributed interactive simulation; Defense Information System; Defense Investigative Service; Died In Shame; Director of Installation Support; Distributed Interactive Simulation; Distributed Interactive System (распределенная интерактивная система qwarty); Distributed Interface Simulation
abbr., nautic. Danish International Ship Register (ла гата)
abbr., neurol. disseminated in space (характеристика диссеминации очагов рассеяного склероза в пространстве VasDoc)
abbr., O&G, sahk.s. drilling information system
abbr., photo. digital image stabilization (rish)
abbr., physiol., med. Delayed Itch Syndrome; Disabled; Disease
abbr., scient. Decision Information Sciences
abbr., scottish Data Intensive System (DARPA); Distributed Intelligence System
abbr., st.exch. Walt Disney Company
ecol. dissolved inorganic carbon
meteorol. data identification section
mil. data inspection station; defence industrial security; digital instrumentation subsystem; digital integrated system
tech. data input supervisor; data input system; deception-immune seeker; deep inelastic scattering; digital idle stabilizer; disconnect; discrete; distant; distributor; disturbance; diverse indication system; Doppler inertial system; dual image system
  dis [dɪs-] abbr.
abbr. discharge; discipline; disconnected; discount (Vosoni); disintegration; dispatch; display; distance; distributed; district
abbr., earth.sc. discriminator; disturb
abbr., med. disinhibition
agric. disconnection
dril. discovery; discovery well
jarg. disrespect
math. discontinuity
polygr. distribute; distribution
PSP disconnector (Shmelev Alex)
univer. disputation
  dis. abbr.
abbr. disciplinary; disconnect; disconnection; discount; dispatch; distance; distant; distribute; disturbance
abbr., earth.sc. distribution
abbr., libr. discontinued
abbr., sport. dislocate; distanced
O&G, sakh. discontinuity
polym. dissolve
  Dis. abbr.
abbr. discharge
abbr., earth.sc. district
  DIs [dɪs-] v
med. drug interactions (LEkt)
  Dis [dɪs-] abbr.
abbr. disease
  DIS [dɪs-] abbr.
abbr., avia. Douglas inspection standard; draft interim standard
abbr., busin. dispense
abbr., earth.sc. data input subsystem; Doppler Imaging System; Drilling Information Services; drilling of intermediate section
abbr., oil data and information system; decision information system; diagnostic information syste; drilling information standard; dual imaging system; dual induction SFL (spherically focused log)
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