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gen. da; indem; so; wie; als; obgleich
busin. wie zum Beispiel
| easy as falling off a log
 easy as falling off a log
inf. kinderleicht
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  AS [æz] conj.
comp., MS autonomes System (A group of routers or networks controlled by a single administrative authority using a common Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) for routing packets. Each autonomous system is assigned a globally unique number called an autonomous-system number (ASN))
  as [æz] conj.
gen. da; indem (zeitlich); so; wie; als; obgleich; weil; während
busin. wie zum Beispiel
tech. ebenfalls; ebenso; genauso
 English thesaurus
  AS [æs] abbr.
abbr., bank. after sight (4uzhoj)
  AS [æs] abbr.
abbr. Academy of Science (s); assembler; Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server (RedHat, Linux); USN Rating Aviation Support Equipment Technician (Alex Lilo); Aanstaande (Alex Lilo); Abandon Ship (Alex Lilo); Ablaufsprache (German: Sequential Function Chart Alex Lilo); Absolutely Stupid; Abstract Syntax (Alex Lilo); Academia Sinica (Taiwan Alex Lilo); Academy of Science (Vosoni); Access Stratum (3GPP Alex Lilo); Access System (JOPES); Acquisition/Application System (Alex Lilo); American Singles (Alex Lilo); Acrylonitrile Styrene (Alex Lilo); Action Script (scripting language used in flash, similar to Java Alex Lilo); active substance (Yakov); Activesync (Microsoft software Alex Lilo); Activity Start; Acute Sinusitis (Alex Lilo); Adam Sandler (actor Alex Lilo); Add Sideways; Add Subnet; Additional Shift (used on overtime forms Alex Lilo); Additive Solution (preservative to extend life of red blood cells Alex Lilo); Address Strobe (Alex Lilo); Administrative Simplification (Alex Lilo); Administrative Site (Alex Lilo); Administrative Support (Alex Lilo); Administrative System (Bellcore Alex Lilo); Adopted Son (Alex Lilo); Adult Situations (Alex Lilo); Adult Swim (Cartoon Network programming block Alex Lilo); Advanced Schottky (Alex Lilo); Advanced Solutions; Advanced Subsidiary level (UK Alex Lilo); Advanced Switching (Alex Lilo); Aerial Surveillance; Aeronautical Science (Flight Major Alex Lilo); Aerospace Corporation (Alex Lilo); Aerospace Society (Alex Lilo); Aerospace Standards (Alex Lilo); Aes Sedai (Wheel of Time book series Alex Lilo); Aft Shroud (Alex Lilo); After Sperry; After-Sales Service (Alex Lilo); AfterStep (Window Manager for X Alex Lilo); Agency Services (Alex Lilo); Agent Society (International Society on Intelligent Agent Technologies Alex Lilo); Aggregate Subbase (construction Alex Lilo); Aggregate Supply (economics Alex Lilo); Aggressor Squadron (Alex Lilo); Agrarian System (Alex Lilo); Agreement State; Air Sampling (station Alex Lilo); Air Sealed (Alex Lilo); Air Seasoned Timber (Alex Lilo); Air Staff; Air Surveillance; Airfield Services (Alex Lilo); airscoop; airspeed; Aksje Selskap (Norwegian: Limited Company Alex Lilo); Alarm Surveillance (Alex Lilo); Alaska Airlines, Inc., Alaska (IATA airline code Alex Lilo); Alaska Statute; Alessandro Scarlatti (classical composer Alex Lilo); Alignment Signal (ITU-T Alex Lilo); Alka-Seltzer (Alex Lilo); All Source (Alex Lilo); All Star (sports Alex Lilo); All Stars (Disney resort Alex Lilo); Allocation Status; Allowance Standard (Alex Lilo); Alpha Smart (electronic keyboard Alex Lilo); Alto Saxophone (Alex Lilo); Altostratus (cloud formation Alex Lilo); Amalgamated Society; Amateur Satellite; American Samoa; American Standard Code for Safety Glazing Materials; Amino Salicylic Acid (Alex Lilo); ammeter switch; Ammonium Sulphate; Ammunition Specialist (Alex Lilo); Ampere Sensor (Alex Lilo); Ampere Switch (Alex Lilo); Anaerobic Seeder (Alex Lilo); Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars Character Alex Lilo); Anal Seepage (Alex Lilo); analog secure (US DoD Alex Lilo); Analog Switch (Alex Lilo); Analysis Subsystem (Alex Lilo); Anatolian Studies (Alex Lilo); Ancillary Services (Alex Lilo); Angel Sanctuary (Manga Alex Lilo); Angle Slam (wrestling finishing move Alex Lilo); Angled Single (Alex Lilo); Anglo-Saxon; Anno Satanas (Alex Lilo); Anno Societatis; Annual Summary (Alex Lilo); Anonim Sirketi (Turkish: Joint Stock Company Alex Lilo); Anonymous Sender (Alex Lilo); Another Subject (Alex Lilo); Answer Supervision (Alex Lilo); Anti Static (Alex Lilo); Anti Surge (type of electric fuse Alex Lilo); Anti Sweat (Alex Lilo); Anti-Scintillation (Alex Lilo); Anti-Social (Alex Lilo); Antichrist Superstar (Marilyn Manson album Alex Lilo); antisubmarine; Aperture Stop (Alex Lilo); AppleScript (Alex Lilo); AppleShare (Alex Lilo); Appliance Server; Applicability Statement (Alex Lilo); Application Software (NEC Alex Lilo); Applied Science (Alex Lilo); Approaches Standards (school grading system Alex Lilo); Aqueous Solution (Alex Lilo); Archive Server (Alex Lilo); Area Security (Alex Lilo); Area Source (Alex Lilo); Area Supervisor (FAA ARTCC Area Supervisor 1 or more Sector Suites Alex Lilo); Arme'e du Salut (Salvation Army Alex Lilo); Armed Services; Armed Services Committee; Army Security; Army Staff; Arnold Schwarzenegger (body builder, actor, politician Alex Lilo); Arsenal Ship (Alex Lilo); Articulation Score (Alex Lilo); artificial satellite; Artificial Stupidity (Alex Lilo); As Stated (Alex Lilo); Asbestos Survey (Alex Lilo); Ascent Stage (Alex Lilo); Asian Sensation (Alex Lilo); Aspheric Subassembly (Alex Lilo); Assamese; Assassin/Assassination (Alex Lilo); Assault at Selonia (Star Wars novel Alex Lilo); Assault Shotgun; Assault Support (Alex Lilo); Assigned (Telabs Alex Lilo); Assistant Referee (Soccer Alex Lilo); Associate in Science (Alex Lilo); Associate of Science (Alex Lilo); Associated Students (Alex Lilo); Associated Support (Alex Lilo); Associazione Sportiva (Italian: sports club Alex Lilo); Athletics (Oakland baseball team Alex Lilo); ATM Switch (Alex Lilo); Attachment Sheet (Alex Lilo); Audioslave (band Alex Lilo); Auger Spectroscopy (Alex Lilo); Auris Sinister (Latin: Left Ear Alex Lilo); Auris Sinistra (left Ear); Austin Servers (online gaming community Alex Lilo); Australian Shepherd (dog breed Alex Lilo); Australian Standard (Alex Lilo); Authentication Server (Alex Lilo); Authentication Service (DCE); Author Space (webcomic Alex Lilo); Authorization Subsystem (Alex Lilo); Automatically Switching; Automation Specialist (Alex Lilo); Autosavants.com (car enthusiasts Alex Lilo); Auxiliary Steam (Alex Lilo); Auxiliary Submarine (Alex Lilo); Aviation Safety (Alex Lilo); aviation ship (US DoD Alex Lilo); Complex Antenna (Alex Lilo); FAADC2I Simplified Handheld Terminal Unit; Wait (logging abbreviation Alex Lilo); Administrative and Scientific Progress Report; aftersight; armament supply; Australian Standards
abbr., agric. astigmatic
abbr., agric., chem. ammonium sulphate
abbr., astronaut. Authorized Service (semfromshire)
abbr., automat. Automation System (система автоматизации Tektonov)
abbr., avia. aircraft stand; air start (starting); aircraft airplane services; airplane support; airworthiness standard; alpha speed; anti-skid; accomplishment summary (Interex); aerospatiale (Interex); auto stabilization (Interex); aircraft surveillance; adjustable spanner; advisory service; aeronautic standards; aeronautical air specifications; aerospace airspeed; air system; airframe supplier; airline aircraft support; airplane services; airplane summary; airport service; airspace standard; airspeed switch; alternates and substitutes; altimeter setting; altitude select; aspect ratio; assembly sequence; assembly short; attitude set; automatic slots; auxiliary step; avionics system
abbr., biol. ammoniacal silver
abbr., BrE admiral superintendent
abbr., busin. able seaman; Academy of Sciences; application for cargo shipment; Asia; at sight; average speed
abbr., chem. acetosyringone; ammonium sulphamate
abbr., commun. Access Switch / Access Server
abbr., comp., net. Application Server
abbr., earth.sc. abstracting service; activated-sludge; actual standard; admittance spectroscopy; aminosilane; ammonia stripping; ammonium salts; amphibole skarn; analytical series; analytical solutions; Apollo Saturn; athyrisina squamosum; atomic spectroscopy
abbr., ed. acrylonitrile-styrene copolymer; account sale
abbr., el. absent subscriber; absorbed radical surface coverage; access speed; acoustic sensor; active satellite; active system; activity scanning; adaptable system; addressing signal; address selection; address space; address specification; address stack; administration system; aerospace system; allowed state; alphabetical sequence; American Standards; animation system; anorthic system; antistructure (atom); application specific; archives server; array structure; assured service; audio station; audio system; autoionization system; automatic spacing; auxiliary storage; antistatic; application system
abbr., electr.eng. amperemeter switch
abbr., expl. alkyl sulfate
abbr., file.ext. Autonomous System (Internet)
abbr., fin. associated State
abbr., gen. Anabolic Steroid; Atropine Sulphate
abbr., goldmin. Alex Stewart Assayers (MichaelBurov)
abbr., hist. Air Service
abbr., IT anti-streamer; add-subtract; Architectural Simulator; automated software distribution
abbr., lab.eq. Androgen Suppression
abbr., law Alaska Statutes
abbr., law, ADR anticipated sales (Maximoose)
abbr., leg.ent.typ. Aktsiaselts (акционерное общество в Эстонии 4uzhoj); Aksjeselskap (акционерное общество в Норвегии 4uzhoj)
abbr., Makarov. active space
abbr., med. acidified serum; Acidified Serum; Alport Syndrome; Angelman Syndrome; Angiosarcoma; Ankylosing Spondylitis; Anovulatory Syndrome; Artificial Sweetener; Aseptic Meningitis; Asparagine Synthetase; Asperger Syndrome; Assisted Suicide; Astigmatism; Asymmetric; Atherosclerosis; Auricle Sinistrus (Left Ear); ankylosing spondylitis; auris sinistra (left ear); aortic stenosis (Vosoni); aortic stenosis (стеноз аортального клапана Dimpassy); Antimicrobial Stewardship (I. Havkin); acetylstrophantidin; Adams-Stokes (disease); alimentary system; androsterone sulfate; Anthropological Society; antistreptolysin; anxiety state; assistant surgeon; shelter for animal
abbr., med., lat. left ear; arteriae sigmoideae
abbr., mil. Acquisition Strategy; Advanced Sensors; Air Search; air speed; Aircraft Survivability
abbr., O&G, sakh. amine sewer (system)
abbr., oil amide surfactant; amine surfactant; amphoteric surfactant; account sales; acetocyringone; acrylonitrile-styrene (resin); Aegean Sea; air pressure test for strength; air scoop; air seasoned; air space; air suction; airless spray; alkali syenite; alkyl sulfonates; alkylsulfate; alkylsulphate; aluminum and steel; aluminum silicate; aluminum sulfate; aminosugars; ammonium sulfonate; analytic signal (method); anionic surfactant; antithetic sampling (method); Arctic services; area sample; asphalt and perchlorate solid; atactic polystyrene; augmented stability; automatic synchronizer; automatic system; automatic ally switch ing; sodium alkyl sulfonate; absorption spectroscopy; after shot; anhydrite stringer; Array Sonic (glenfoo)
abbr., oncol. Adeno-Squamous carcinoma; AngioSarcoma
abbr., opt. angular sensitivity
abbr., physiol. Absence of Seizures; Acoustic Stimulation; Acute Stress; Adams-Stokes syndrome; Anal Sphincter; Aortic Stenosis; ArterioSclerosis; AScending aorta
abbr., polit. Australia
abbr., polym. American standard
abbr., progr. automated system (ssn)
abbr., qual.cont. aerospace standard
abbr., radio antenna assemblies
abbr., scottish Aeronautical Standard; Aircraft Standard; Airlift Squadron; Anti-Spoofing; Anti-Submarine; Automatic Sprinkler; Submarine Tender (USA); Australia (NATO country code)
abbr., soil. aeolian sand
abbr., space anti spoofing; astronomy; adapter section
abbr., tech. alloy steel
abbr., telecom. autonomous system
abbr., textile Austria Standard
abbr., transp. all-seasons
econ. aggregate supply (dimock)
energ.ind. accident severity; advanced system; air staging; analytical simulator; appraisal system; austenite steel; automatical stabilization; automatically stabilized; auxiliary spray
invest. after sight
meteorol. aeronautical standards; ascend ing to...
mil. aerospace studies; air station; air superiority; air support; air-to-surface; ammunition storage; ammunition store; angle of sight; antenna site; apprentice seaman; area surveillance; arm of service; armament supplies; armor school; armored shop; army surplus; arsenal section; assistant secretary; atomic strike; automatic switching
physiol. Anal sphincter; Arteriosclerosis
tech. acquisition sensor; asdic search; action statement; adaptive system; aerial shot; air glow spectrum; air supply; air-seasoned; alto-stratus; ampere-second; angle shot; anisotropic semiconductor; antenna systems; antisubmarine search; arithmetically symmetrical; astronomical spectroscopy; atmosphere and space; audio sensitivity; auto sequential; automatic search
  as [æs] abbr.
abbr. acoustic speed; altostratus (об облачности Leonid Dzhepko); annual survey; assessment; heavy toward short wavelength
biol. asymmetric; asymmetry
polym. alongside; asymmetrical
  as. abbr.
abbr. as it was; asymmetry; asymmetrical
abbr., earth.sc. asymmetric
abbr., libr. Assistant
abbr., med. astigmatic; asymmetric al
abbr., mining. asbestos
textile assymetrical
  As [æs] abbr.
abbr. altostratus; amplitude of shear wave; area of steel (площадь поперечного сечения арматуры Stepney); arsenic
abbr., el. system availability
abbr., oil effective amplitude of shearing waves; arsenopyrite; asbestos
  As. abbr.
abbr. Asia; Asian
abbr., med. astigmatism
  AS2 abbr.
abbr., avia. aviation support equipment technician second class
  AS/400 abbr.
abbr., file.ext. Application System/400 (IBM)
  AS LSS abbr.
abbr., O&G, sakh. array sonic (long-spaced sonic)
  AS3 abbr.
abbr., avia. aviation support equipment technician third class
  AS0 abbr.
abbr., immunol. antistreptolysin 0
  AS56 abbr.
abbr., IT Accunet Switched 56
  AS1 abbr.
abbr., mil., avia. aviation support equipment technician first class
  AS WFT abbr.
abbr., O&G, sakh. array sonic (full waveform tool)
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