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  area ['e(ə)rɪə] n
gen. Areal n; Bereich m (räuml.); Fläche f; Flächeninhalt m; Gebiet n; Nahbereich m; Zone f; bestimmter Bereich; Landesteil n; Landstrich m; geographischer Bereich; MaßE f; Fach n
agric. Betriebsfläche f
busin. Bezirk m
chem. Peakfläche m; Raum m (Gebiet/Gegend/Region/ Zone)
comp. Bereich m
comp., MS Bereich m (" A part of the user interface dedicated to a particular purpose, such as "instant message area."); Fläche f (A group of networks within an OSPF autonomous system. OSPF areas reduce the size of the link state database and provide the ability to summarize routes)
construct. Überwachungsbereich m
ed. Feld n
emerg.care Areal n
forestr. Revier n
IT Realm n
IT, dat.proc. Speicherbereich m
law gebiet; Gebietsstand m
law, demogr. Fläche eines Grundstücks
met., construct. Flaecheninhalt m
relig. Sachgebiet n
scient. Flaeche n
stat., agric. Landfläche f
tech. Bodenfläche; Gegend f; Gelände n; Hoheitsgebiet n; Raum m; Region f; Sektor m; Fläche Flächeninhalt; Grundfläche f; Querschnitt m
textile Flächengrösse f
transp. Aufstandsfläche f; Latsch m
  areas n
gen. Flächen n; Zonen f; Bereiche m
  residential area n
gen. Wohnlage f
  area football n
gen. Strafraum m
  problem area n
gen. Fragenkomplex m
 English thesaurus
  area ['e(ə)rɪə] abbr.
abbr., construct. a.
mil., abbr. ar
mil., logist. Functional area within a logistic squad level point where the assets required to carry out a logistical task are gathered. (FRA); Regiment- or battalion-sized functional facility, component of a base or detachment, that provides a logistic support in a specific field. (FRA)
  AREA ['e(ə)rɪə] abbr.
abbr. Area Bancshares Corporation; American Railway Engineering Association; American Railway Engineers Association
abbr., earth.sc. angle resolving energy analyzer; Arctic Research in Environmental Acoustics
mil. Army reactor experimental area
tech. Army Reactor Area
  AREAS abbr.
abbr., earth.sc. area resource analysis system
  Area ['e(ə)rɪə] abbr.
abbr., fish.farm. developing land-based producer states likely to be most seriously affected by the production of minerals derived from the
area) zoning: 2 phrases in 2 subjects
Fish farming pisciculture1