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comp., MS UND
| namely
gen. namentlich; zwar; nämlich; nämlich
law daß heißt
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  AND [ænd] abbr.
comp., MS UND (A logical operation combining the values of two bits (0, 1) or two Boolean values (false, true) that returns a value of 1 (true) if both input values are 1 (true) and returns a 0 (false) otherwise)
  and [ænd] conj.
gen. sowie; sowohl; und
 English thesaurus
  ANDS abbr.
abbr., space automatic navigation differential station
  AND [ænd] abbr.
abbr. Air Force-Navy design
abbr., avia. aircraft airplane nose down; airforce-navy design; Aircraft Nose Down (Interex)
abbr., earth.sc. absolute normalized deviation; andesite; Australian National Datum
abbr., el. all-number dial; automatic numerical decision
abbr., med. Allow Natural Death (позволить уйти из жизни естественным путем (отказ от реанимации) WAHinterpreter); Association For The Neurologically Disabled Of Canada. Association Canadienne Pour Les Handicapes Neurologiques
abbr., mil. alphanumeric display; Automatic Digital Network
abbr., mil., avia. active nutation damping
abbr., navig. active navigation device (paulik)
abbr., O&G, sakh. density neutron tool from Schlumberger
abbr., oil Advanced Digital Network; alphanumerical display; Andorra
abbr., scottish Air Force - Navy Design; Army - Navy Design
abbr., space active-nutation damping
abbr., st.exch. Andrea Electronic Corporation
abbr., transp. Associate Administrator for NAS Development
mil. Army-Navy design
O&G logic product block
tech. automatic network dialing
  And. abbr.
abbr. andradite; Anderson's Reports; Andrew's Reports
geogr. Andorra (Vosoni)
  And [ænd] abbr.
abbr. andesine
abbr., oil andalusite
lat. Andromeda (Андромеда Vosoni)
  AND [ænd] abbr.
abbr., avia. army/navy drawing
abbr., comp., MS A logical operation combining the values of two bits 0, 1 or two Boolean values false, true that returns a value of 1 true if both input values are 1 true and returns a 0 false otherwise
abbr., IT Logical AND; any day now (Метран)
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