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gen. Flugplatz; Flugfeld; Rollfeld
emerg.care Rollfeld
transp. avia. Flughaefen
| apron bus
 apron bus
gen. Flugfeld-Zubringerbus; Flugfeldbus
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  airfield ['eəfi:ld] n
gen. Flugplatz m; Flugfeld n; Rollfeld n
emerg.care Rollfeld n
  airfields n
gen. Flugplätze m
  airfield ['eəfi:ld] adj.
transp., avia. Flughaefen
 English thesaurus
  airfield ['eəfi:ld] n
mil., abbr. afld
USA An area prepared for the accommodation including any buildings, installations, and equipment , landing, and takeoff of aircraft (JP 3-17) see also departure airfield, landing area, landing site
  Airfield ['eəfi:ld] abbr.
abbr., scottish a/f
airfield: 28 phrases in 5 subjects
American usage, not spelling1