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gen. Aussehen; Lied; Luft; Miene; Pose; Weise
| ventilation
gen. Belüftung
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  AIR [eə] n
comp. Anforderung für Achtungsunterbrechung
  air [eə] n
gen. Aussehen n; Lied n; Luft f; Miene f; Pose f; Weise f; lüften; Äther m; Ätherwellen; etw. zur Schau tragen; Air Lied; Luft auffüllen; auslüften; nachtrocknen; senden Rundfunk
chem. durchlüften (einen Raum, the room)
dril. Druckluft f (Spülmittel); Wetter n; Grubenwetter n; Wetterstrom m
nucl.phys. durchlueften
tech. Abstand m; Luftraum m; Spielraum m; Zwischenraum m; Klimamessgeraete
  air bearing n
gen. Auftreten n
  air A predominantly mechanical mixture of a variety of individual gases forming the earth's enveloping atmosphere n
environ. Luft f
  air [eə] v
gen. ausstrahlen Rundfunk- und TV-Programme; senden (Rundfunk)
fig. etw., öffentlich darlegen
mining. bewettern
tech. belüften; durchlüften; entlüften
  aired v
gen. ausgelüftet
  airs v
gen. lüftet
 English thesaurus
  AIR [eə] abbr.
abbr. Adopt, Innovate, And Respond; Airborne Intercept Radar; American Institute for Research; Architecture Implementation Review (Lena Nolte); Army Intelligence Reserve; As I Recall (Alex Lilo); As I Remember (Alex Lilo); Automatic Image Refinement (Canon); automatic load regulator
abbr., auto. secondary air injection system
abbr., avia. airborne image recorder (Kenny Gray); accident/incident report; accident investigation report; action item requests; adaptive intercommunication requirement; additional information request; aeronautical information report; aerospace information report; air intercept rocket; air interrupt rate; air standard; aircraft inflight report; aircraft inspection report; airplane airborne; airworthiness inspection representative
abbr., avia., ICAO Airworthiness Panel
abbr., comp., net. Additive Increase Rate
abbr., ed. Acknowledge Inform Retain
abbr., el. adaptive intelligent reflow; advanced isotropic removal; area illumination ratio
abbr., el., scient. Antenna Integrated Radio
abbr., IT Area Information Retrieval; Automatic image registration
abbr., med. American Institute For Research; Annals Of Improbable Results; Association Information Recherche (centre De Ressources Pour Handicap / Resources Related To Handicapped); Australian Institute Of Radiography; amino-imidazole ribonucleotide
abbr., media. All-India Radio; Asociacion Interamericana de Radiodifusion
abbr., mil. Air Interceptor Rocket; area of intelligence responsibility
abbr., mil., avia. academic information retrieval
abbr., mus. Air Radio System
abbr., oil average injection rate
abbr., physiol. Activator of Immune Response
abbr., scottish Acoustic Intercept Receiver (USA); Air Intercept Radar; American Institute of Research; Annual Infrastructure Report; Artilleriyskaya Instrumental'naya Razvedka (Artillery instrument reconnaissance (Russia))
abbr., securit. acceptable inspection regime
abbr., sport. Across Indiana Run; All India Rank
abbr., st.exch. A A R Corporation
abbr., tech. air interceptor rocket
abbr., transp. Accident Incident Report; Air Injection Reaction
mil. acoustic intercept receiver; action item report; after initial release; air incident report; air inflatable retarder; airborne interceptor rocket; aircraft incident report; aircraft inspections and repair; aircraft recovery; aviation item report; Replenishment Oiler
tech. adaptive intercommunications requirement; aircraft identification radar; antenna input resistance
  air [eə] abbr.
abbr. alarm
  AIR y abbr.
abbr., fishery absolute instantaneous rate of y
  AIR [eə] abbr.
abbr. Aeronautical Information Reports; All India Radio
abbr., busin. airworthiness
abbr., commer. airmail
abbr., earth.sc. amino-imidazole-ribonucleotide
abbr., O&G, casp. Assurance, Interface and Risk (Yeldar Azanbayev)
abbr., oil alternative internet resource; American Industrial Report; amide-imide resin; anhydrite indicator ratio
abbr., space Aerospace Information Reports; air-arming impact rocket; airborne intercept rocket; air-launched interceptor rocket
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