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gen. Getöse; Lärm; dröhnen
earth.sc. Laerm; Getoese; Geräusch
inf. Krawall
gen. dröhnte
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chem. Grobstaubmaske
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  din [dɪn] n
gen. Getöse n; Lärm m; dröhnen
earth.sc. Laerm m; Getoese; Geräusch n
inf. Krawall Lärm
  dins n
gen. Lärm m
  dins v
gen. dröhnt
  dinned v
gen. dröhnte
 English thesaurus
  DIN [dɪn] abbr.
abbr. Deutsche Industrie Normale; Deutscher Industrie Normenausschus; Deutschland Invented Number; Dinka; Document Identification Number; AUTODIN; Deutsches Institut fOr Normung e.V.; Deutsches Institut fuer Normung (organization); Deutsches Institut fur Normung
abbr., auto., org.name. German Standards Institute
abbr., avia. Dien Bien Phu, Viet Nam; digital inertial navigation system; drawing index; drawing integrity network; german standard
abbr., bus.styl. Director Identification Number (Индия SanDan)
abbr., chem., scient. Day Into Night; Deutsche Industrie Normenausschuss; Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen
abbr., comp., net. Deutsche Industrie Normali
abbr., ed. Divorce In The Netherlands
abbr., el., scient. Deutsche Industrie Norm; Deutsche Industry Norm
abbr., health., med. Doctors' Independent Network
abbr., med. Damage Inducible (gene); Digital Imaging Network; Ductal Intraepithelial Neoplasia; Drug Identification Number; Drug Information Number
abbr., media. Deutsches Institut für Normung
abbr., mil. Defense Intelligence Notice; Do It Now; Defense Intelligence Network; defense intelligence notice
abbr., O&G, sahk.s. Deutsche industrie Normen
abbr., O&G, sakh.a. Deutsche industrie norm (german industrial standard)
abbr., plast. Deutches Institut für Normung
abbr., scottish Deutsche Institut fur Normung (Germany)
abbr., tradem. Deutsche Industries Normung; Dixie Information Network
energ.ind. Deutsche Industrienorm
tech. data identification number; digital input
  din [dɪn] abbr.
abbr., busin. dining room; dinner
  Din [dɪn] abbr.
abbr., comp. Deutsche Industrinorm
abbr., earth.sc. dinar
abbr., oil Dinantian; Dinwoody
  din. abbr.
abbr., chem. dinuclear
  DIN [dɪn] abbr.
abbr. Deutsches Institute für Normung; Deutsches Institut fur Normung e. V
abbr., dril. Deutsche Industrie-Norm
abbr., interntl.trade. Deutsche Industrie Norman
abbr., IT direct interconnection network
abbr., oil dissolved nitrite and nitrate
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