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  cape [keɪp] n
gen. Kap; Umhang m; dunkler Fleck eines Wals oder Delfins (of a whale or dolphin); Cape n; Pelerine f
mining. Aufsatzbrett n (zur Erhöhung des Wagenfassungsvermögens); gelblicher Diamant
  capes [keips] n
gen. Umhänge m
 English thesaurus
  CAPE [keɪp] abbr.
abbr. California Alliance For Pride And Equality; Capture Analyze Plan And Execute; Caring About People Everyday; Child Assault Prevention Education; Computer Aided Process Engineering; Council Of American Private Education; Creating A Positive Environment; Customs Automated Processing Of Entries; Confederation of American Public Employees; Council for American Private Education
abbr., automat. Computer Applications in Production and Engineering; computer-aided production engineering
abbr., avia. China Aero-Polytechnic Establishment
abbr., chem., scient. Connective Available Potential Energy
abbr., ed. Camp Attracting Prospective Educators; Community Alliance To Promote Education; Community Alliances To Promote Education; Computer Adaptive Placement Exam
abbr., ed., scient. Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations; Computer Adaptive Placement Exams; Consortium For Advanced Placement Education
abbr., el. concurrent art-to-part environment (project); concurrent application programming environment
abbr., file.ext. Concurrent Art-to-Product Environment
abbr., invest. Cyclically Adjusted Price-to-Earnings (ratio bajda)
abbr., IT Central Analysis Program Ecstasy
abbr., meteorol. Canadian Association Of Physicians For The Environment
abbr., scient. Convective Available Potential Energy
abbr., tradem. Capitol Area Power Exchange; Consultancy For Agriculture Productivity Enhancement
mil. capability and proficiency evaluation; communications automatic processing equipment
ocean., nautic., scient. Convective and Precipitation/ Electrification
tech. computer-aided pattern evaluation
  CAPE [keɪp] abbr.
abbr., avia. China Aero-Polytechnology Establishment
abbr., busin. Communication Automatic Processing Equipment
abbr., earth.sc. computerized accommodated percentage evaluation
abbr., econ. China Association of Plant Engineering
abbr., mil. Corrective Action: Physical Exercise (Drill sergeants, while prohibited from harming recruits via physical contact, commonly use a form of punishment known as "smoking." If a recruit does something wrong, a drill sergeant may order that recruit (or the entire platoon) to engage in a series of calisthenics exercises, such as push-ups. When drill sergeants order this type of punishment on a recruit, it is said that they have "smoked" or "dogged" the recruit. This is also known as CAPE (Corrective Action: Physical Exercise). Киселев)
abbr., oil core Archie parameter estimate
abbr., progr. computer-aided process engineering (ssn)
abbr., space Cajun Advanced Picosatellite Experiment
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