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 ad [æd] n
gen. anonco; reklamo
 English thesaurus
 ad. abbr.
abbr. adapted; add; advance; advanced; advice
abbr., chem. adsorption
abbr., commer. after date; alongside date; avoirdupois
abbr., dril. addendum; average depth
abbr., addenda; advancing
abbr., econ. advertisement
 ad [æd] abbr.
abbr., econ. on alternate days
abbr., el. advertisement
abbr., oil avoirdupois
abbr., sport. advantage
 AD [æd] abbr.
abbr., el. acceptor doping; action diagram; active device; adatom-dimer structure; adder; address data; address delay; administrative domain; advanced decision; all-depletion technology; alloy-diffusion technique; amplified photodetector; anomalous dispersion; application development; array descriptor; assignment data; asymmetric distortion; audible distortion; Auger de-excitation process; automatic cash depositor; awaiting disconnection; Analog Devices Incorporation; attention device; number of augmented doubles
abbr., med. autoimmune diabetes (ННатальЯ)
 Ad. abbr.
abbr. administration; administrative
law, abbr. administrator
 n ad n
gen. CM spec1
 aD abbr.
abbr. specific optical rotation of a substance at t°C, measured for the D line of the sodium spectrum
 AD [æd] abbr.
abbr. Admiralty Dockyard; adrenalin; aircraft air depot; air detachment; air distance; air dried timber; airdrome; altitude differential; Applied Dynamics Ltd.; Architectural Design; air defence; ampere demand meter; anode; area drain; as drawn; accession document military (Alex Lilo); acetate dialysis (Alex Lilo); active disease (Alex Lilo); acute dermatomyositis (Alex Lilo); addict, addiction (Alex Lilo); adenovirus ad (Alex Lilo); adjuvant disease (Alex Lilo); admission and discharge (Alex Lilo); admitting diagnosis (Alex Lilo); adrenal ad (Alex Lilo); adrenostenedione (Alex Lilo); adult disease (Alex Lilo); advanced directive (Alex Lilo); aerosol deposition (Alex Lilo); affective disorder (Alex Lilo); after discharge (Alex Lilo); alcohol debydrogenase (Alex Lilo); aleutian disease (Alex Lilo); alternating days (Alex Lilo); alveolar diffusion (Alex Lilo); alveolar duct (Alex Lilo); anaesthetic dose (Alex Lilo); androstenedione hormone (Alex Lilo); anisotropic disk ad (Alex Lilo); anodal duration (Alex Lilo); antagonistic dose (Alex Lilo); anterior descending coronary artery (Alex Lilo); antidepressant (Alex Lilo); antigenic determinant (Alex Lilo); antimicrobial division (Alex Lilo); antinociceptive dose (Alex Lilo); antinoxious dose (Alex Lilo); anxiety disorder (Alex Lilo); anxiolytic dose (Alex Lilo); appropriate disability (Alex Lilo); arrhythmogenic dose (Alex Lilo); arthritic dose (Alex Lilo); associated druggists (Alex Lilo); C.E. (MichaelBurov); Anno Domini (MichaelBurov); Common Era (MichaelBurov); Current Era (MichaelBurov); year CE (MichaelBurov); year C.E. (MichaelBurov); year AD (MichaelBurov); the year of Our Lord (MichaelBurov); year of Common Era (MichaelBurov); year of Current Era (MichaelBurov); year of Christian Era (MichaelBurov); year of the Current Era (MichaelBurov); year of the Christian Era (MichaelBurov)
abbr., avia. administration domain; advanced design; airworthiness directive; air traffic services deviation; ATS deviation
abbr., busin. adaptation; add; addition; additional duty; addressed; administrator; advice; advise; aggregate demand; application to deliver for export; autograph document; Automatic Depositor; avoidable delay
abbr., cardiol. aortic dissection (iwona)
abbr., cinema assistant director; Assistant Director (hellamarama); помощник режиссёра (hellamarama)
abbr., comp., net. automatic deployment
abbr., dog. Ausdauer
abbr., absolute difference; absorbed dose; accessioned documents; accumulated difference; Acoustic Doppler; adapt; Adirondack Mountains; admissibility with respect to quadratic loss function; advection-dispersion model; aerobic digestion; aggregation-decomposition approach; alcohol dehydrogenase; allowable duration; alternating direction technique; androstenedione; arc diorite belt; average difference; average dose
abbr., food.serv. apparent digestibility
abbr., IT administrative distance; analog-to-digital
abbr., Alzheimer's disease
abbr., magn.tomogr. axial diffusion (аксиальная диффузия VasDoc)
abbr., med. Abductor Digiti Minimi (muscle); Alzheimer disease
abbr., mil. armoured division; active duty; advanced deployability; air defense; area denial; automatic distribution; priority add-on; air depot
abbr., mil., avia. abbreviated dialing
abbr., oil access device; accumulated depreciation; acetone drying; active detergent; actual drilling; add to memory; advance; after draft; air density; air dried (drying); air drilling; alongside date; alter/display; alternate display; Andorra; anodal deviation; anti-dump; aqueous dispersion; artificer diver; as-drawn; assistant driller; associated-dissolved (natural gas); ASTIA Armed Service Technical Information Agency Document; automated design; auxiliary drum; average depth; average deviation; authorized depth
abbr., polym. air-dried
abbr., post Acknowledgement Due (13.05)
abbr., relig. anno Domini
abbr., space absolute deviation; Accessioned Document; accidental damage; aerodrome; aerodynamic damping; aerodynamic disturbance; alarm and display; analog to digital; armed services technical information agency document; atmospheric densities; attitude determination
abbr., tech. aerodynamic decelerator; aggregate dredger
abbr., telecom. ASTIA Document
abbr., textile automatic doffer; avoidance of delay
energ.ind., abbr. acquired data; action date; active drains; aerodynamic deduster; aerometric data; alternate director; anaerobic digestion
invest., abbr. after date
meteorol., abbr. address; alternate days; altitude difference; alternate day
mil., abbr. Army dispensary; Army diver; access door; accidental discharge; administration; administrative; administrative department; administrative directive; administrative division; advanced development; aerial delivery; after duty; aid detachment; air data; air directive; air district; air division; aircraft depot; allowable deficiency; ambulance driver; ammunition depot; area director; armament depot; armament division; armored division; army depot; assembly/disassembly; assured destruction; atomic defense; atomic drive; attention display; authentication document; automatic detection; automatic display
O&G add drop
O&G, abbr. apparent density
tech., abbr. acoustic decoupler; acquisition detector; address decoder; address driver; air damper; air-dry; aircraft direction; altitude deviation; amplifier detector; analog-digital; aperture distribution; arithmetic device; avalanche diode
 AD ad abbr.
abbr., Makarov. After Date
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