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 action ['ækʃ(ə)n] n
gen. agado; ago; batalo; efikado; faro; funkciado; influo; mekanismo; proceso
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 action ['ækʃ(ə)n] abbr.
abbr. Em219
cinema "Action" is called during filming to indicate the start of the current take. See also cut, speed, lock it down.
law legal proceedings; lawsuit
lit. the unfolding of a sequence of events in a narrative or play. Or 2. the plot as a whole.
mil., abbr. act action
 ACTION ['ækʃ(ə)n] abbr.
abbr. A Call To Improve Orphans Needs; American Council to Improve our Neighborhoods (Американский совет по благоустройству жилых районов Углов)
abbr., ed. Advising Counseling Testing Involving Orienting And Networking
abbr., inform. Anything that is going on, partying, gambling, social activities, etc.When visiting the city for the first time, Sam asked the taxi driver, "Is there any Action after 10:00?" The taxi driver responded, "Yes sir, there is plenty of Action in this town."...
abbr., relig. Advent Christian Training In Oversight Nurture
abbr., transp. Accessible Community Transportation In Our Nation
abbr., UN, AIDS. Access, Care, Treatment, Inter-Organizational Needs pilot project
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