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 acme ['ækmɪ] n
gen. akmeo; kulmino; plejalto
 English thesaurus
 ACME ['ækmɪ] abbr.
abbr. Amazing Canadian Mountain Expedition; A Company that Makes Everything; Activities Committee For Metro Employees; Annual Creative Marketing Extravaganza; Anyone Can Make Enemies; Association for Chinese Management Educators; Association of Consulting Municipal Engineers; A Company Makes Everything (обозначение любой компании, фраза пошла из Диснеевских мультфильмов eugenyk); Academic Credit For Military Experience; Advisory Council on Medical Education (Консультативный совет по вопросам медицинского образования (США) Углов); Association of Consulting Management Engineers (ассоциация инженеров — консультантов по организации производства (США) Углов); The Academy Of Criminology, Mathematics, and Education; The Advisory Committee For Mathematics Education; The Association For Chinese Management Educators; The Association Of Consulting Municipal Engineers
abbr., ed. Action Conflict Mystery And Emotion; Athena Competition Mastery And Enrichment; Atlanta Chapter Model Education
abbr., ed., scient. Academic Credit for Military Experience; Academy of Criminology, Mathematics, and Education; Advisory Committee for Mathematics Education; American Company Makes Everything
abbr., el. application of computers to manufacturing engineering; analogical constraint mapping engine
abbr., environ. Assembling Configuration Management Environments
abbr., lab.eq. Arginine Catabolic Mobile Element
abbr., med. Alliance For Continuing Medical Education
abbr., mil., avia. adapted camera multispectral equipment
abbr., nautic., scient. Advisory Committee on the Marine Environment
abbr., physiol., med. Anticipate Compensate Meta-cognition Error checking
abbr., scottish Advanced-Core Military Engine; Aircrew Combat Mission Enhancement
mil. aircraft component mating evaluation
Nasdaq Acme Communications
tech. antenna contour measuring equipment; attitude control and maneuvering electronics; automatic control and maneuvering electronics
 Acme ['ækmɪ] abbr.
abbr. Acme thread
 ACME ['ækmɪ] abbr.
abbr. Association of Consulting Management Engineers
abbr., avia. acme screw thread
abbr., acme screw thread
abbr., econ. aim, content, method, expectation
abbr., space advanced core military engine
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