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 accord [ə'kɔ:d] n
gen. agordo; akordiĝi; akordo; harmonii; interakordo; interkonsento; koncerto; konkordo; konsento; permesi
 be in accord n
gen. akordi
 English thesaurus
 accord [ə'kɔ:d] n
law a settlement or satisfaction agreed upon between the parties in a lawsuit, prevents further legal actions
 ACCORD [ə'kɔ:d] abbr.
abbr., el. advanced command, control, operations and research demonstration (program)
abbr., mil., avia. advanced civil core demonstrator
abbr., scottish Advisory Council on Community Relations in Defence (Singapore)
 ACCORD [ə'kɔ:d] abbr.
abbr., busin. according to
abbr., oil Action Council for Coordinated Oil and Gas Research and Development
abbr., UN, sl., drug. ASEAN and China cooperative operations in response to dangerous drugs
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