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 academic ['ækə'demɪk] n
gen. akademiulo
 academic ['ækə'demɪk] adj.
gen. akademia; kleraĉa; nepraktika; universitata; universitata diplomito; universitata profesoro
 English thesaurus
 academic ['ækə'demɪk] n
archit. study of humanities topics rather than science and engineering (
 ACADEMIC ['ækə'demɪk] abbr.
abbr., med. Azithromycin In Coronary Artery Disease Elimination Of Myocardial Infection With Chlamydia (study)
 academic ['ækə'demɪk] adj.
gen. having little practical use or value, as by being overly detailed, unengaging, or theoretical (by ext., having no practical importance: As a general matter, we will not consider a protest where the issue presented has no practical consequences with regard to an existing federal government procurement, and thus is of purely academic interest. • For the majority of owners, its four-wheel-drive endeavours will be of purely academic interest. • The question of how many weapons are required for credible deterrence against India is purely academic.; theoretical or speculative, abstract, scholarly, literary or classical (in distinction to practical or vocational; from late 19th century: I have always had an academic interest in hacking.; having a love of or aptitude for learning (I'm more academic than athletic — I get lower marks in phys. ed. than in anything else.
archit. subscribing to the architectural standards of Vitruvius (
arts. conforming to set rules and traditions, conventional, formalistic (from late 19th century
disappr. so scholarly as to be unaware of the outside world (; lacking in worldliness (
ed. belonging to an academy or other higher institution of learning, also a scholarly society or organization (from late 16th century: academic courses • academic study
philos., hist. belonging to the school or philosophy of Plato (from late 16th century: the academic sect of philosophy
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