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 abuse [ə'bju:s] n
gen. fiagado; fiago; fitraktado; fitrakti; fitrakto; fiuzi; fiuzo; insultado; insulti; malbonaĵo; mistrakto; misuzado; misuzi; misuzo; ofendi; ofendo; ofendoturmentado; trouzi; trouzo; turmentado; turmenti
 abuse [ə'bju:z] v
gen. mistrakti; trakti malbone
 abuse [ə'bju:s] adj.
gen. malbona traktado
 English thesaurus
 abuse [ə'bju:s] n
law abnormal use of smth. framed by socially significant restrictions (Leonid Dzhepko)
 abuse [ə'bju:z] v
law maltreatment, improper treatment physically, sexually, or psychologically inflicting harm to a person or animal
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