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 able ['eɪb(ə)l] adj.
gen. kapabla; kompetenta; kvalifikita; lerta
 English thesaurus
 ABLES abbr.
abbr., med. Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology And Surveillance
 ABLES abbr.
abbr., mil., avia. airborne battlefield light equipment system
 able ['eɪb(ə)l] abbr.
abbr., qual.cont. a
 ABLE ['eɪb(ə)l] abbr.
abbr. Achieving Beyond Limited Expectations; The Association For Better Living And Education; Action for Better Law Enforcement (Движение за лучшее обеспечение правопорядка Углов); Adaptive Battery Life Extender (Lena Nolte)
abbr., amer. Achieving a Better Life Experience (Программа улучшения условий жизни Ying)
abbr., ed. A Balanced Literacy Environment; Access Belonging Learning Equality; Acquiring The Basics Of Living And Employment; Adult Basic Literacy Education; Adult Blind Learning Experience; Annandale Beginning Learners Education
abbr., el. array-based linguistic editor
abbr., med. Association For Biology Laboratory Education; Adult Basic And Literacy Education
abbr., mil. Army Buffer Link-1 Europe
abbr., nautic., scient. Arctic Boundary Layer Expedition; Atmospheric Boundary Layer Experiment
abbr., oil Amazon boundary layer experiment; automatic baseline equipment
abbr., progr., IT Agent Building and Learning Environment
abbr., scottish Activity Balance Line Evaluation; Automotive Bridge Launching Equipment
abbr.,, med. Association for Biology Laboratory Education
mil. acquisition based on consideration of logistic effects; advanced building-block for large-area exploitation
Nasdaq Able Energy, Inc.
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