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 English thesaurus
  THE [θi:] abbr.
abbr., earth.sc. technical help to exporters
  THE [θi:] abbr.
abbr. Thomas Hewitt Edward Cat; Turds Hear Evil
abbr., avia. Teresina, PI, Brazil
abbr., el. Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven
abbr., health. total health expenditure
abbr., law THREE HOURS EXTRA Television privileges
abbr., med. Tetrahydrocortisone E; Tonic Hind Limb Extension; Transhepatic Embolization; Transhiatal Esophagectomy; Tropical Hypereosinophilia
abbr., physiol., med. Thermometer
abbr., refrig. tubular heat exchanger
abbr., vet.med., med. The Humane Environment
energ.ind. thermochemical exhaust
mil. transportable helicopter enclosure
stat. Thunderstorm Event
tech. tape-handling equipment; tube heat exchanger
  the [ðiː, ðə] art.
gen. adverb (prefixed to a comparative means "thereby" or 'by so much', e.g. What student is the better for mastering these futile distinctions? This combination can enter into the further construction seen in The more the merrier (i.e. 'by how much more, by that much merrier'). It cannot enter into a construction with than: the tendency to insert it before more and less (putting any the more, none the less for anymore, no less) should be resisted, e.g. in The intellectual release had been no less (not one the less) marked than the physical. - The Oxford Guide to English Usage Alexander Demidov)
abbr., slang teh (использование слова teh вместо the указывает на несерьёзность сказанного Adrax)
  The [θi:] abbr.
abbr., org.name. Asia-Pacific Regional Network for Small Hydro Power
the President) may: 1 phrase in 1 subject