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industr. construct. chem. Pascal
| container
gen. omhulling
agric. containerpot
commer. industr. verpakking
econ. container
industr. construct. bak
industr. construct. chem. verpakkingseenheid
mater.sc. bergingsmiddel
gen. houders, niet van metaal, voor vloeibare brandstoffen; containers, niet van metaal
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Pa [pɑ:] n
industr., construct., chem. Pascal n
 English thesaurus
PA [pɑ:] abbr.
abbr., AI. Programmer's Apprentice
abbr., avia. pilotless aircraft; pilot's assistant; pneumatic altimeter; pneumatic autopilot; post assembly; pressurized aircraft; preventive actions; primary area; primary axis; probabilistic analysis; procurement agent; product audit; production aid; production aircraft; production allocation; program amplifier; prohibited area; property administration; proportional amplifier; pseudo assembly
abbr., med. conduction time through atrium; paralysis agitans; periarteritis; pernicious anemia; personnel and administration; pharmacologic activity; platelet aggregation; posterioanterior; pressure area; proactivator; prolonged action; prophylactic antibiotics; psychoanalyst; pulpoaxial
abbr., mil. Procurement Agency
abbr., mil., avia. Office of Public Affairs
Pa [pɑ:] abbr.
abbr., med. pathology
PA-6 abbr.
abbr., plast. polycaprolactam
PA-10 abbr.
abbr., plast. polydecalactam
PA-12 abbr.
abbr., plast. polylauryllactam
PA-46 abbr.
abbr., plast. polyhexamethylene butylamine
PA-610 abbr.
abbr., plast. polyhexamethylene sebacamide
PA-1010 abbr.
abbr., plast. polydecamethylene sebacamide
PA-6 abbr.
abbr., plast. nylon 6
PA-10 abbr.
abbr., plast. nylon 10
PA-12 abbr.
abbr., plast. nylon 12
PA-46 abbr.
abbr., plast. nylon 46
PA-610 abbr.
abbr., plast. nylon 610
PA-1010 abbr.
abbr., plast. nylon 1010
PA-6 abbr.
abbr., plast. polycaproamide
PA-46 abbr.
abbr., plast. polyhexamethylene butyldiamine
PA-12 abbr.
abbr., plast. polylaurylactam
PA1 abbr.
abbr., file.ext. Worktable (PageAhead)
abbr., IT Worktable
PA-9 abbr.
abbr., plast. polynonanoylamide
PA-11 abbr.
abbr., plast. polyundecanoylamide
PA-13 abbr.
abbr., plast. polytridecanoyllactam
PA-66 abbr.
abbr., plast. polyhexamethylene adipamide
PA-612 abbr.
abbr., plast. nylon 612
PA-8 abbr.
abbr., plast. polyoctanoyllactam; nylon 8
PA-9 abbr.
abbr., plast. polynonanoylamide nylon 9
PA-11 abbr.
abbr., plast. nylon 11
PA-13 abbr.
abbr., plast. nylon 13
PA-66 abbr.
abbr., plast. nylon 66
PA-612 abbr.
abbr., plast. polyhexamethylene dodecanamide
pA [pɑ:] abbr.
abbr. picoampere
PA-4 abbr.
abbr., plast. polybutyrolactam
μPa n
O&G, sakh. micro Pascal (1 x 10-6 Pa)
PA [pɑ:] abbr.
abbr. public announcement system (Taras); Pan-American World Airways Inc.; phenylacetylene; phenyl-α-naphthylamine; phosphoarginine; Picatinny Arsenal; press agency; public address; publication announcement; Publishers' Association; Palestinian Authority; Prince Albert; Bureau of Public Affairs (Alex Lilo); Pale Ale (Alex Lilo); Palermo, Sicilia (Italian province Alex Lilo); Pali (linguistics Alex Lilo); Palo Alto (California Alex Lilo); Pan Am (airline Alex Lilo); Paniagua y Asociados (Guatemala, consulting agency Alex Lilo); Para (Brazil Alex Lilo); Paralyzed Age (band Alex Lilo); Parapsychological Association, Inc (Petaluma, California Alex Lilo); Parliamentary Assistant (Ontario Government Alex Lilo); Parti de l'Action (French: Action Party, Morocco Alex Lilo); particular average loss (Vosoni); Partido Arnulfista (Arnulfista Party, Panama Alex Lilo); Pass-through Applications (Alex Lilo); Passenger Announcement (airlines Alex Lilo); passport agency (n_z); Patronato Antialcoho'lico (Guatemala Alex Lilo); Paulus Apostolus (Apostol Paul Alex Lilo); Peace Arch (US/Canada border Alex Lilo); passenger agent; purchasing agent; Pennsylvania (штат Пенсильвания (США) Leonid Dzhepko); prearm; price and availability; Panama (Alex Lilo); Paraguay (Alex Lilo); Paralegal (Alex Lilo); Polyacryl (Alex Lilo); Psychoanalysis (Alex Lilo); People's Association (Singapore Alex Lilo); Pepper-Ann (TV show Alex Lilo); Perfect Attack (gaming, Dance Dance Revolution Alex Lilo); Perforate Artery (Darke Age of Camelot game Alex Lilo); Performing Activity (CEFMS Alex Lilo); Personalausweis (German: identity card Alex Lilo); Phillips Academy (Andover Alex Lilo); Pierce Armor (Age of Kings game Alex Lilo); Pilote Automatique (French: Autopilot Alex Lilo); Pinkerton Academy (New Hampshire Alex Lilo); Planet of the Apes (movie Alex Lilo); Planetarion (online game Alex Lilo); Plate Appearance (Baseball Alex Lilo); Playahead (Internet community Alex Lilo); Plaza Automotriz (Guatemala car dealer Alex Lilo); Plein Air (Quebec Alex Lilo); Poke'mon Aaah! (website Alex Lilo); Punjabi; performance appraisal (Artjaazz); Political Affairs (journal of the Communist Party of the United States of America Alex Lilo); Political Agent (Pakistan Alex Lilo); Port Angeles (Washington Alex Lilo); Port Authority (of NY and NJ Alex Lilo); portable audio (UniversalLove); Porte-Avions (French, aircraft carrier Alex Lilo); Position Angle (astronomy Alex Lilo); Posterior Anterior (radiology Alex Lilo); Power Act (gaming Alex Lilo); Precision Approach (avionics Alex Lilo); Prednisolone Acetate (eye medication; usually followed by % Alex Lilo); Premier Agendas, Inc. (US Alex Lilo); Preplaced-Aggregate (concrete Alex Lilo); Press Association (British National News Agency Alex Lilo); Princess Anne (high school in Virginia Beach, Virginia Alex Lilo); Prior Authorization (Pharmacy Benefits Alex Lilo); proactive attitude (Proactive Attitude (PA) is a personality characteristic which has implications for motivation and action. It is a belief in the rich potential of changes that can be made to improve oneself and one's environment. This includes various facets such as resourcefulness, responsibility, values, and vision. Alexander Demidov); partial-air; Producing Ability (breeding Alex Lilo); Product Accumulate (linear code Alex Lilo); Produktaansprakelijkheid (Dutch: product responsibility Alex Lilo); Program Attention (Vosoni); Programmatic Agreement (USACE Alex Lilo); Programming Assistant (campus residential officer Alex Lilo); Project Audit (Alex Lilo); Protected Area (conservation Alex Lilo); Protective Antigen (microbiology Alex Lilo); Pseudomonas aeruginosa (bacteria Alex Lilo); Public Aid (Medicaid Alex Lilo); Publish America (book publisher Alex Lilo); Putt and Approach (disc golf Alex Lilo); Division of Political Affairs; pro analysi (igisheva); pro analysis (igisheva)
abbr., account. personal allowance
abbr., adv. production assistant
abbr., agric., chem. precision farming
abbr., anat. periaortic (Баян); paraaortic (Баян); philtral artery (ННатальЯ)
abbr., auto. power antenna; pressure air (Honda); paint; park aid; park assist; power assist; public area; pulse air
abbr., automat. pressure angle
abbr., avia. passenger address; pitch axis; preliminary analysis; preparing activity; procurement agreement; production airplane; process area; process assurance (MichaelBurov); power amplifier; precision approach
abbr., avia., med. perceptual asymmetry
abbr., biotechn. photoactivatable (Altuntash)
abbr., busin. Performance appraisal (semfromshire); pay on application; payments agreement; per annum; personal account; Port Authority; private account; product analyst; provisional allowance
abbr., chem. phenoxyethyl alcohol; propionamide; Pro Analyse (чистый для анализа Dimpassy)
abbr., chromat. peak area (igisheva); purity angle (igisheva)
abbr., cinema Parental Advisory
abbr., commer. police assurance; prime d' assurance; prix autorise; problem analysis
abbr., corp.gov. personnel action; preparatory assistance
abbr., dentist. PA mode (MichaelBurov); photoablative mode (MichaelBurov)
abbr., dril. Piltun-Astokhskoye
abbr., earth.sc. Panguna Andesite; paragonite; plotting apparatus; Polar Atlantic; profile analysis; proto-actinium
abbr., econ. power of attorney
abbr., ed. Performance Assessment
abbr., ed., scient. Performing Arts
abbr., el. program authorization; public address; packet assembly; paper advance; peaking amplifier; performance aiding; photoacoustic; photodiode amplifier; photoinduced absorption; photon amplification; pilot amplifier; pixel address; planar array; plasma arc; polarization adj uster; polyacetylene; port assignment; positron annihilation; post amplifier; pre-arrangement; preassignment; precession angle; precipitate accumulation zone; precision, architecture; principle of adding; private address; procedural abstraction; program access; program analysis; public automation; pumping amplifier; pulse accumulator
abbr., fin. paying agent; prior action
abbr., inf. pilot's associate
abbr., insur. personal accident (ZolVas); personal accident insurance (4uzhoj)
abbr., IT Physical Address; printer agent; Public Access
abbr., labor.org. provisional acceptance (MichaelBurov)
abbr., law Public Act
abbr., life.sc. plasminogen activator; phosphatidic acid
abbr., manag. product assurance
abbr., mech.eng. partial admission
abbr., med. Acellular Pertussis (vaccine); Pantothenic Acid; Patients Association; Physician Assistant; Pulmonary Arterial (pressure); posteroanterior (Vosoni); pulmonary artery (Vosoni); posterior-anterior; popliteal artery
abbr., med.appl. pulmonary artery (vlad-and-slav)
abbr., mil. Public Affairs; Picatinny Arsenal (СВ); parent relay; physician assistant; primary agency; probability of arrival; public affairs
abbr., mil., air.def. power authority; pre-amplifier; precision angle
abbr., mil., WMD performance analyzer; pinacolyl alcohol; program analyzer; Public affairs; performance assessment; preliminary assessment; programmed amount; pinacolyn alcohol
abbr., nucl.phys. proton affinity
abbr., O&G, casp. performing authority (Yeldar Azanbayev)
abbr., O&G, sahk.r. Piltun Astokhskoye; public address system
abbr., O&G, sakh. peak amplitude; Piltun-Astokhskoye field; procurement assistance; Plug and abandoned; plugged and abandoned
abbr., oil packed hole assembly; paired associates; Paleontological Association; processing aid; parameter amplifier; participating area; Patent Act; payment agreement; payment in advance; peracetic acid; peroxide-alkaline; Petroleum Abstracts; petroleum acid; Petroleum Administration; Petroleum Association; play prospect attractiveness; plugging agent; plunger area; polyacetal; polyacrolein; pooling agreement; preferential absorption; pressure anomaly; pressure, atmospheric; producer with artificial lift; product analysis; production analyst; production automation; propiol aldehyde; proportional action; proposed algorithm; pulsating arc; purchasing agency; pressure drop per annulus section
abbr., ophtalm. Peters’ anomaly (doc090)
abbr., org.name. Palestinian National Authority
abbr., pest.contr. paste
abbr., pharm. phenacemide
abbr., philos. Public address (railwayman)
abbr., plast. phtalic anhydride
abbr., plast.surg. penile agenesis
abbr., polit. Panama
abbr., polygr. Publishers Association
abbr., polym. polyamide; pressure absolute
abbr., radio preliminary prime amplifier
abbr., scottish Phased Array; Paraguay (NATO country code); Pennsylvania (US state)
abbr., sec.sys., IT Privacy Act
abbr., soil. pan
abbr., space pad abort; pilot astronaut; photoelectric alarm; photoparametric amplifier; physiological accelerometer; planetary atmosphere; plasma accelerometer; polymer adhesive; powered ascent; pre-assignment; precision attitude
abbr., sport. Pierre Allain boots; plate appearances
abbr., telecom. Pre-Arbitrated Access
abbr., textile interlining polyamide interlining; wool Punta Arenas Wool; P.A. Polyamide fiber
abbr., tradem. Professional Association
abbr., uncom. public archives (igisheva)
abbr., weld. pipe rotating horizontal (PA – обозначение по ASME IG MichaelBurov)
chem., abbr. Protactinium
ecol., abbr. preferential adsorption
el., abbr. Preamplifier
energ.ind., abbr. preliminary acceptance; combustor inlet air full pressure; generator power output; personal assessment; plant acquisition; problem area; process automation; professional advancement; proton area; public acceptance
invest., abbr. public accountant
meteorol., abbr. pressure altitude
mil., abbr. pack artillery; participating activity; patient; patrol aircraft; pattern analysis; penetration aircraft; permanent appointment; personal affairs; personal assistant; personnel allocation; phased antenna; physician's assistant; point of aim; port agency; position area; position of assembly; post adjutant; practice ammunition; preavailability; prelaunch area; primary armament; procurement appropriations; program account; program administrator; program analyst; program assessment; program authorization; project administration; proper authority; property administrator; proponent agency; prototype aircraft; provision allowance; purchasing authority
O&G, abbr. plant air; proportional band calculation value
plast. Polyamide (Nylon)
polit., abbr. Paraguay
railw., abbr. passenger car
tech., abbr. probability of acceptance; protected area; pulse amplifier; page address; paging amplifier; parametric amplifier; particular average; personnel area; phase angle; phosphorus per acre; picric acid; polarizer-analyzer; polyacrylamide; postulated accident; power amplification; preamble; precomputed altitude; preliminary amplifier; present altitude; pressure alarm; primary air; processor architecture; production association; program authority; pseudoatom; pulse amplitude; purge alarm
tech., agric. physiotherapy aid
tech., biol. protective agent
tech., cartogr. position approximate
tech., comp., net. performance analysis
tech., econ. procurement authorization
tech., IT program address
tech., polym. phthalic anhydride; polyacrylate
tech., qual.cont. process average
telecom. Preamble (LAN)
USA Pennsylvania
Pa [pɑ:] abbr.
abbr. abandonment pressure; prima; Re (бог солнца; воплощался в образе сокола falcon); protactinium
abbr., earth.sc. pargasite; parietal
abbr., egypt., myth. Ra (бог солнца; воплощался в образе сокола falcon)
abbr., el. per annual
abbr., med. pascal
abbr., O&G, sakh. pascal (unit of pressure in the meter-kilogram-second system equivalent to one newton per square meter)
abbr., oil absolute surface pressure; phenylalanine
cartogr. Pennsylvania
opt. Pascal
Pa. abbr.
abbr. pale; Palembang; Panama; Panaman; Paris; Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania State Reports
lat. Papa ("Pope"); Pater ("father")
pa [pɑ:] abbr.
abbr. paper; Power Amplifier
abbr., earth.sc. paratacamite
abbr., med. Prince Albert
inf. papa
O&G propulsion assisted
PA-65 abbr.
abbr., oil polymethylene polyphenylamine
pa. abbr.
polym. paper
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