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 1 c abbr.
commun. små bogstaver
 C [si:] abbr.
mus. c tonenavn
 C4 abbr.
mus. enstreget oktav
 C3 abbr.
mus. lille oktav
 C1 abbr.
mus. kontraoktav
 C6 abbr.
mus. trestreget oktav
 C5 abbr.
mus. tostreget oktav
 C30 abbr.
chem. CI food orange 6; E160e; beta-apo-8'-carotenal; beta-apo-8'-carotensyre ethylester; beta-apo-8'-carotensyreester; CI food orange 7; E160f
 C7 abbr.
mus. firestreget oktav
 C8 abbr.
mus. femstreget oktav
 C0 abbr.
mus. subkontra oktav
 C2 adv.
abbr., mus., amer. store oktav
 English thesaurus
 C [si:] abbr.
abbr. cargo airplane; Catalog; Catalogue; centigrade (degree); centre distance; Ceylon; cloudy (sky); command (pilot); contact weather; cross-sectional area; cutting stroke; Cyprus; electrostatic capacity; kilo gram-calorie; kilo gramme-calorie; modulus of transverse elasticity; molecular heat (capacity); Technical Compilation; central screw shaft
abbr., avia. ceiling panels; locate by coord.; criterion; contact flying
abbr., busin. car; carton; cask; Celsius; centigram; certificate; check; cheque; chest; cipher; clean; collect; collection; commission; committee; compound; condense; conference; consul; consulate; contain; correspondence; country; personal consumption expenditures
abbr., chem. cis-
abbr., commer. clause; cordoba; third
abbr., dril. centigrade thermometer; central distance; chipped; clamp; coefficient of shear
abbr., canton site; carbohydrate; carbohydrates; carbonate; carrollite; cassiterite; centigrade degree; cephalopoda; chaetetes; charnockite; chlorite; cladoceran; clinopyroxene; clustering; coast; ,c coefficient; cohesion; colon; comendite; concentrate; concentration by volume; concordant; coral; cordierite; corundite; corundum; cracks; crania; cristobalite; crosscut; crushed; cube; cummingtonite; cuticle; cyclic; molecular heat
abbr., electr.eng. complete (буквы обозначения проводников Natalya Rovina)
abbr., exhib. consignee
abbr., med. clearance (rate, renal); cylindric lens; cytidine
abbr., nucl.phys. cyclotron
abbr., oil calcite; caliper; calm; Cambrian; Canal zone; candle; canned; Canon; cap; capital; carapace; carbide; carbon-manganese steel; Carboniferous; Cartography; cash; cataclastic zone; Cauchy number; cellulose; Celsius scale; center distance; center screw shaft; centigrade temperature; central (zone); charge conjugation; chemicals; chloride (log); chlorite (zone); choke; ciper; citation; citing; Cladocera; climax; coagulant; coaster; coesite; coking; colluvium; colour index; compound expansion engine; conductance; cone; conservative; consolidation; constancy; continent; contractor; conventional (standard); converted; core hole; corporation; cotton; cove; crack s; cream; Cretaceous; crust; crystalline state; cutter; cutting
abbr., phys. one of the Fraunhofer lines in the red of the solar spectrum
abbr., pigeon.race. Checker
abbr., sport. catcher; catamaran; corner
abbr., typogr. crown
 C. abbr.
abbr. capacitance; capacitor; capacity; carbon (carboneum); cent; coefficient
abbr., dril. cathode; charge; choke; coulomb; current
abbr., cap; centigrade thermometer; circus; ,c coefficient; cold; Congo; core; course; curie; cycle; degree centigrade
abbr., mech.eng. clearance
abbr., phys. candela
 C4 abbr.
abbr. command, control, computers, and communications
abbr., comp., net. command, control, computer, and communication
 C3 abbr.
abbr., avia. command; control and communications
abbr., consummate computer competition
abbr., oil upper Carboniferous
abbr., police Cybercrime Centre (4uzhoj); Cyber Crime Centre (4uzhoj)
 C2 abbr.
abbr., oil middle Carboniferous
 C1 abbr.
abbr., oil lower Carboniferous
 3C abbr.
abbr., comp., net. Computer, Communication, Consumer
 C7 abbr.
abbr., telecom. CCITT No. 7 signaling
 μC abbr.
abbr. microcoulomb
 C31 abbr.
abbr., avia. command; control; communications; and intelligence
 C⁴ abbr.
abbr., carbide
 μC abbr.
abbr., microcurie
 °C abbr.
abbr., busin. degree centigrade
 C9 abbr.
abbr., busin. solvent naphtha
 C-2 abbr.
abbr., sport. Canadian pair
abbr., telecom. container-2
 C-4 abbr.
abbr., telecom. container-4
abbr., avia. centigrade
 C$ abbr.
abbr., Canadian Dollar
 C100 abbr.
abbr., el. C 100
 C$ abbr.
abbr., oil Cordoba
 C-1 abbr.
abbr., sport. Canadian single
 C-11 abbr.
abbr., telecom. container-11
 C-3 abbr.
abbr., telecom. container-3
 ⁰C abbr.
abbr. degrees of centigrade (scale)
 C-51 abbr.
abbr., Canada Bill C-51 (markovka)
 C₁ abbr.
abbr., lower carboniferous
 C - 1 abbr.
abbr., row. canoe one
 C-12 abbr.
abbr., telecom. container-12
 c [si:] abbr.
abbr. control post; coulomb (единица измерения электрического заряда (Кл, кулон) MusicalTree); single-cotton covered; cental; c quark (MichaelBurov); c-quark (MichaelBurov); charm quark (MichaelBurov); charmed quark (MichaelBurov); capacitance; cathode; cent; centimeter; centimetre; century; character; circa; circumference; codex; coefficient; cold; color; compare; complex line; confinement; contract; copyright; copyright reserved; correct; correction; county; cum; cylinder; Cum - with usually written with a bar on top of the "c"; proposed (Valeriya1)
abbr., busin. calculation weight; c/ case
abbr., commer. charter; corn; custom
abbr., dril. centi-
abbr., el. centi-; speed of EM waves in vacuum
abbr., math., Makarov. c (обозначение известного числа)
abbr., med. capillary (blood); calorie (small calorie); with
abbr., oil circle; cloudy; coarse ly; cyclo-; cementing
agric. cirka; changes
biol. calyx; cause; cervical; chord; cognate; core; corpus luteum
cartogr. canal; cement; centre; civilian; concrete
engl. carat
lat. contra
O&G capillary; casing; centi -; coal; compressibility; compressional wave; conversion; correlated; electrochemical; heat capacity; shaliness exponent
opt. velocity of light in a vacuum
polym. capacity; centi; crystalline
telecom. speed of light
 c. abbr.
abbr. cable; camp; case; centi-; centimetre; centner; centrifugal; circuit; cirrus; city; close; coarse; compression; computer; condenser; conductance; conductor; container; contraction; copyright; cord; correction; correspondance; cost; cylinder; about (Vosoni); center of gravity; circa (Vosoni)
abbr., central; centre; century; circumference; collector; concentration; copper; correct; cycles per second; cyclic
abbr., math. chord
construct. 1. centre line; candle; channel
lat. Circa ("approximately", used with dates)
mining. calorie; carat; cargo; center line; cordite; crosscut; cubic
 c- abbr.
abbr. copy
abbr. confer
 c- abbr.
abbr., chem. cyclo-
 &c. abbr.
abbr., econ. et cetera
 c/- abbr.
abbr., econ. case (s)
 ρc abbr.
abbr., el. contact resistivity
 2c2 abbr.
comp. center to centr >
 .c abbr.
file.ext. C source code (file name extension, C)
 C [si:] abbr.
abbr. complement; coulomb; cytosine; Century; China; Citizens; City; Community; Con; Contribution; Cost; Costs; Credit; call (Vosoni); Canadian; Cantankerous; carbon; Cardinal; cell (Vosoni); centigrade; centum; Challenger; CHROMA; Cleanse; Coach; Collaboration; Commissioner's Decisions; Common law; Communism; company (Vosoni); Compensation; Competent; Compiler; Computational; congress; Coniferous; Connectivity; Constitution; Convergent; Conviction; Coronary; Counsel; Court; Court of Customs and Patent Appeals Reports; Crabby; Crap; Crappy; Crisis; crown (paper format Vosoni); Cubs; Cunts; currency (Vosoni); current; Cute; cylinder (Vosoni); programming language (successor to B, which was based on BCPL); single-cotton-covered (isolation Vosoni); cum Lat. with; coverage factor; continuing contract
abbr., agric. canine tooth; carotid artery; centralized; centrifugal; chorda; cilia; clay; coarse; container; controlled atmosphere; copper; cubic
abbr., archive. case (igisheva)
abbr., auto. basic dynamic load rating
abbr., avia. Celsius; chime (Interex); clear (Interex); close (Interex); common (Interex); comparator (Interex); convertible (Interex); cyan (blue Interex); fault classification (Interex); cold (Interex)
abbr., avia., med. certificate of airworthiness
abbr., biol. cysteine
abbr., cartogr. Cambridgeshire; can; Canada; cape; catholic; caution area; Celtic
abbr., comp., IT Computer
abbr., Ascorbic acid
abbr., ed., scient. Class
abbr., el. cognition; column; Calorie; commentary; communication s; connect; convenience; convergence; converter; counter; coupler; cursor
abbr., el., scient. Control
abbr., electr.eng. cord; coulombmeter
abbr., file.ext. C language source (Watcom C/C++ Vosoni); C language source code file; C Programming Language
abbr., footwear conductive (специальное обозначение Yuriy83)
abbr., IT Change; Chapter; Code; Compare; Condition; Create; See
abbr., lab.eq. Calicivirus; Cholesterolin; Cure
abbr., meteorol. Ascorbic Acid; Calcitonin-forming (cell); Capsid Protein; Cardiac; Cardiovascular Disease; Cell; Certified; calorie (large)
abbr., microel. AND circuit
abbr., mil. Configuration; Capacitor; Chaff; composition; Confidential (security classification); clock; compromise band; creeping line pattern
abbr., mil., WMD ceiling limit; critical
abbr., nautic. captain
abbr., O&G, sakh. Advisors and Consultants; conductivity; Construction
abbr., oil Cal contact caliper; DLC compensated dencilog, caliper log; DLC GR compensated dencilog, caliper, gamma ray log; DLC GRN compensated dencilog, caliper, gamma ray, neutron log; DLC M compensated dencilog, caliper, minilog
abbr., oncol. Cancer
abbr., opt. coulombs; cycles
abbr., phys. J/º (Enrustranslators); degree Celsius (Vosoni)
abbr., physiol. Carrier; Cervical; Cholesterol; Constriction; Contraction
abbr., physiol., med. Critical
abbr., polym. calendering; cast; catalyst; coefficient; concentration; continuous; Coulomb; curie
abbr., post Composite Operation (MODS report abbreviation)
abbr., qual.cont. calibration
abbr., refrig. condenser; degree centigrade
abbr., scottish coulomb (electric charge); celsius (temperature); Charlie (phonetic alphabet); Cumulus; Time zone 37.5 E - 52.5 E (GMT -3)
abbr., soil. channel
abbr., sport. Center; Club; Color
abbr., tech. Cold (Insulation TheFellowShipper); capacitance (Vosoni)
genet. constant part (dimock)
invest. coupon
IT see
IT, abbr. see
mil. carrier; camp; cannon; cargo; case; center; central; chairman; change; charge; chief; circuit; circular; civil; clearance; climb; clockwise; combat; command; command paper; commandant; comment; compass; complete; complex; compliance; comptroller; computer; concurrent; confidential; configuration; constant; contact; continental; control; controller; controls; copy; corps; cost; council; count; crew; cycle
tech. cable; candela; ceratoid artery; chirp; chrominance; closed; cobalt; coil; collector; commercial agriculture; communication; communications; compensator; compression; computing; conductor; congo; contraction; control room; course; course angle; cuspid; cycles per second; normality; velocity of electromagnetic waves; velocity of light
 C. abbr.
abbr. cape; Chancellor; Chancery; Chapter; class (Vosoni); Code; Code of Justinian; The Concentration Of A ....
abbr., lab.eq. Centigrade
abbr., lat. Cajus (a common Roman forename); Consul
abbr., law California Reports (Supreme Court); Court
abbr., qual.cont. of C. coefficient of correlation
abbr., winemak. cognac (коньяк ординарного качества (обозначение на этикетке) baletnica)
tech. collected
 C4 abbr.
abbr. C4 system; Chile Care Coordinating Council of Detroit/ Wayne County, Michigan; Command, Control, Communications and Computers (Mil., USA)
abbr., auto. computer controlled catalytic converter system (GM)
abbr., el., scient. Controlled Collapse Component Connection
abbr., IT 1bit JEDMICS CCITT Group 4 format Bitmap graphics
abbr., med. Controlled Collapse Chip Connection; Fourth Cervical Nerve; Fourth Cervical Vertebra; Fourth Component Of Complement; protein components of complement system (Vosoni)
abbr., mil. Command, Control, Communications, and Computers; Command and Control, Communications and Computers
abbr., mil., avia. cometary coma chemical composition
abbr., oil butane; fraction the hydrocarbons in crude oil and natural gas that contain four or less carbon atoms in their molecules (These include methane, ethane, propane, and butane)
abbr., relig. Child Care Coordinating Council of Detroit/ Wayne County, Michigan
abbr., scottish Command, Control, Communications & Computers
energ.ind. concentration of species in the impinger
mil. command, control, communications and computation
 C3 abbr.
abbr. Command, Control and Communicate; Command, Control and Coordination; Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence
abbr., auto. computer command control system (GM)
abbr., el. cleaved coupled-cavity (laser)
abbr., med. Prostatic Tumor With Seminal Vesical Involvement (Jewett Staging System); Third Cervical Nerve
abbr., mil. Command, Control, and Communications; Command, Control and Communications (qwarty); Consultation, Command and Control (NATO); command, control, and communications
abbr., oil propane
abbr., physiol., med. Third Cervical Vertebra
abbr., scottish Civil aircraft marking (Andorra); Command, Control & Communications
 C2 abbr.
abbr. Combined or Coalition Forces Intelligence Staff
abbr., anat. 2nd cervical vertebra (MichaelBurov); axis (MichaelBurov); odontoid vertebra (MichaelBurov); second cervical vertebra (MichaelBurov)
abbr., el. second conduction subband
abbr., IT c2 security (Bricker)
abbr., med. A "can't C**t"; Lazy Physician Who Passes Off Work To Colleagues And Often Whines; Prostatic Tumor With Extracapsular Extension And Positive Margins (Jewett Staging System); Second Cervical Nerve; Tumor With Metastases To Lymph Nodes And Extension Into Perirectal Adipose Tissue
abbr., mil. Class C2; Command and Control; command and control
abbr., O&G, sakh. ethane
abbr., physiol., med. Second Cervical Vertebra
abbr., scottish Command & Control
 C1 abbr.
abbr. Combined Staff Personnel Officer
abbr., anat. 1st cervical vertebra (MichaelBurov); atlas (MichaelBurov); cranial vertebra (MichaelBurov); first cervical vertebra (MichaelBurov)
abbr., el. ground conduction subband
abbr., IT c1 security (Bricker)
abbr., med. First Cervical Nerve; First Cervical Vertebra; First Component Of Complement
abbr., O&G, sakh. methane
 3C abbr.
abbr. three-conductor
 C6 abbr.
abbr. Combined Staff Command, Control and Communications Systems Officer
 3C abbr.
abbr., el. computer, communications and consumer electronics; computer, communications, component; computer, communications, control; control, communications and creation; zincblende structure
 C6 abbr.
abbr., med. Sixth Cervical Nerve; Sixth Cervical Vertebra; Sixth Component Of Complement; Cervical spinal nerve 6
 3C abbr.
abbr., mol.biol. chromosome conformation capture (Andreyi)
 C6 abbr.
abbr., oil hexane
 3C abbr.
abbr., scottish Civil aircraft marking (Equatorial Guinea)
 C6 abbr.
abbr., scottish Civil aircraft marking (Bahamas)
 C5 abbr.
abbr. Combined Staff Strategic Planning and Policy Officer
abbr., el. ceramic controlled collapse chip connection
abbr., med. Fifth Cervical Nerve; Fifth Cervical Vertebra; Fifth Component Of Complement
abbr., oil pentane
abbr., scottish Civil aircraft marking (Gambia)
 C7 abbr.
abbr., el. CCITT No.7 signaling
abbr., med. Seventh Cervical Nerve; Seventh Cervical Vertebra; Seventh Component Of Complement
abbr., oil heptane
 14C abbr.
abbr., forestr. carbone 14; radioaktiver Kohlenstoff; radiocarbonio; radiocarbono; carbono 14
 C8 abbr.
abbr., oil octane
abbr., polym. perfluorooctanoic acid (MichaelBurov); perfluorooctanoate (MichaelBurov); perfluoro-octanoic acid (MichaelBurov)
 C⁴ abbr.
abbr., el. controlled collapse chip connection; command, control, communications and computers; counter command, control and communications
 μC abbr.
abbr., el. microcomputer; microcontroller
 C60 abbr.
abbr., phys.chem. buckminsterfullerene (MichaelBurov); buckminsterfullerene C60 (MichaelBurov); bucky ball (MichaelBurov); buckyball (MichaelBurov)
 2C abbr.
abbr. two-conductor
 4C abbr.
abbr. Child Care Coordinating Council
 2C abbr.
abbr., el. computer communications
 4C abbr.
abbr., el. computer, control, communications and CRT
abbr., file.ext. 4Cast/2 Datafile
 C++ abbr.
abbr., IT C++ language source code file; eine Programmiersprache
 C-4 abbr.
abbr., mil. Composition C-4 plastic explosive
 C9 abbr.
abbr., oil nonane
 C-2 abbr.
abbr., physiol., med. 2nd Cervical Vertebra
 C-4 abbr.
abbr., physiol., med. Fourth Cervical Vertebra
 C9 abbr.
abbr., scottish Civil aircraft marking (Mozambique)
 °C abbr.
abbr., tech. degrees centigrade (deg. Cent.); по шкале Цельсия
 .C abbr.
abbr. C source code (C)
 4/C abbr.
abbr. four-conductor
 42C abbr.
abbr. White Cloud Airport, White Cloud, Michigan USA
 49C abbr.
abbr. Camp Lake Airport, Camp Lake, Wisconsin USA
 96C abbr.
abbr. Fox River Airport, Rochester, Wisconsin USA
 9C2 abbr.
abbr. David's Airport, Athens, Michigan USA
 C+ abbr.
abbr. C-positive
 C128 abbr.
abbr. Commodore 128 (computer, Commodore)
 C62 abbr.
abbr., avia. Kendallville Municipal Airport, Kendallville, Michigan USA
 C71 abbr.
abbr., avia. Crosby Municipal Airport, Crosby, Mississippi USA
 C77 abbr.
abbr., avia. Poplar Grove Airport, Poplar Grove, Illinois USA
 n. c. abbr.
abbr., econ. new charter
 5C abbr.
abbr., el. computer, communications, content, customer and control
 C-- abbr.
abbr., file.ext. C-- language source (Sphinx C-- Vosoni)
 C86 abbr.
abbr., IT C language source code file
 C+ abbr.
abbr., media. Canal Plus
 C0 abbr.
abbr., mil. CSSCS Workstation class computer
 C2-200 abbr.
abbr., mil. Command and Control in the year 2000
 C-5 abbr.
abbr., mil. Galaxy
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