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chem. Baumé
assisted in | defence
environ. forsvar
by | a
mus. a
| person
econ. personer
of own | choice
commun. IT valgmulighed
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chem. Baumé
 English thesaurus
BE [bi:] abbr.
abbr. bachelor of economics; British Empire; Brown Engineering Co.; Bill Of Entry; Blessed Event; Budget Entity; Bureau Of Elections; Business Entrepreneurship; Byelorussian; back end; Baha'i Era; Bank of England; Basic Encyclopedia; Basic Engineering (Базовый инжиниринг Alexey); Battle Energy; Bear Extinction; bell end; Bentley Empowered; Best Evaluator (Toastmasters); binding energy (Vosoni); Bombing Encyclopedia; Bonehead Economics; Both Everton; bill of entry (smovas); breaker end; Bright Elements; Brisk And Equal; Bur Extractor; Bureau of Explosives; Buzzword Enhanced
abbr., agric. bacillary emulsion
abbr., AI. Bending Energy
abbr., auto. best economy; bevel and epicyclic double reduction
abbr., avia. baseline effectivity; binding edge; BOM export; booster engine; British Embassy; bypass engine
abbr., busin. both ends
abbr., chem., scient. Beryllium; Bond Energy
abbr., comp., net. basic equipment
abbr., earth.sc. Backward Euler Method; balance equation; barometric efficiency; basic event; best-estimate
abbr., el. best effort (transfer capability); backscattered electron; band elimination (filter); base-emitter (junction); beam enhancer; beginning event; best-effort service; bonding energy; bound energy; Boltzmann equation; bus enable; exciton bound to neutral impurity; bound exciton (emission)
abbr., el., scient. Band Edge; Boundary Element
abbr., electr.eng. bus exchange
abbr., fant./sci-fi. Battlefield Earth
abbr., file.ext. Below or Equal
abbr., fin. break-even
abbr., genet. biomedical engineering
abbr., insur. Extreme breadth
abbr., IT back-end; Boolean expression; byte enable; Business Engineering
abbr., med. Bacterial Endocarditis; Barium Enema; Brain Edema; Breast Examination; Bronchiectasis; Bronchoesophagology; barium enema; base excess; below elbow; boiled saline extract; bovine enteritis; brain encephalitogen; bronchoenterology
abbr., media. Business Edition
abbr., met. bed expansion
abbr., mil. Battlefield Environment; Brilliant Eyes; basic encyclopedia
abbr., mil., avia. bachelor of education
abbr., multimed. big endian
abbr., oil bank error; bevelled ends; biochemical effect; box end; brake energy; break end; bevelled end; beveled end
abbr., opt. beam expander (Altuntash)
abbr., pharma. bioengineering (Andrey Truhachev); biological engineering (Andrey Truhachev); bioequivalence (Boris54)
abbr., phys., scient. Bose Einstein
abbr., physiol. Below the Elbow; Brisk and Equal
abbr., physiol., med. Below The Elbow
abbr., polit. Belgium
abbr., polym. bowing effect
abbr., SAP.tech. billing engine
abbr., scient. Bachelor Of Engineering
abbr., scottish Base Ejection; Belgium (NATO country code)
abbr., space beacon explorers; biological electronics
abbr., sport. Bike Evolution
abbr., st.exch. Benguet Corporation
abbr., swiss. Bern (сокр. кантон Швейцарии 'More)
abbr., tech. building element
energ.ind., abbr. back end (of nuclear fuel cycle)
immunol., med. Barium enema
invest. bill of exchange
mil. base ejecting ejection; base exploding; British element
railw. baggage car
tech. band elimination; band elimination filter; best estimate; bounding event; break-even (analysis); bus error handler; bus error handling; butyl epoxystearate; Basic Engineering (базовые технологии I. Havkin)
Игорь Миг, abbr., police breaking and entering
Be [bi:] abbr.
abbr. Baume degree; Beaufort number; Beryllium; Excess Burst Size (FR); biplane
abbr., earth.sc. baumé degree; beaumé degree
abbr., med. beryllium
abbr., mil., avia. berillium
abbr., oil baume (degree); beidellite; bertrandite; beryl; degree Beaumé
dril. Beaume (degree Beaume)
geol. Berea
mil. Beriev (Soviet aircraft manufacturer)
O&G degree Beaume
polym. Baume
sms, abbr. B
tech. between center
tech., abbr. Berillium
be [bi:] abbr.
abbr. bale; band-elimination filter (Vosoni); base connection; bilingual education; been
abbr. Baumé
abbr., tech. Baume
-BE abbr.
abbr. activity model
abbr., post Activity model showing process after change (compare with AS-IS)
Be. abbr.
textile degree Baume
be assisted in defence by a person of own choice
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