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environ. love
law aktstykke; dokument; akt; retsakt
commun. lovbestemmelser; love
environ. afgørelser; retsregler
in own name | and
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earth.sc. el. slået til
own behalf
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act [ækt] v
law aktstykke; dokument; akt; retsakt
acts v
commun. lovbestemmelser; love
environ. afgørelser; retsregler
law handlinger
act 1. Something done voluntarily by a person, and of such a nature that certain legal consequences attach to it. 2. Documents, decrees, edicts, laws, judgments, etc. [ækt] v
environ. love
 English thesaurus
act [ækt] n
lit. A section or a major division within a play. Frequently, individual acts are separated into smaller units called scenes.
ACT [ækt] abbr.
abbr., econ. Air Cargo Tariff Worldwide
ACT [ækt] abbr.
abbr. Accurate Complete And Timely; America Coming Together; Automated Confirmation Transaction Service; algebraic compiler and translator; activity (деятельность; активность; учреждение; орган; служба; боевые действия; (радио) активность Углов); actual (фактический, действительный; абсолютный Углов); actual temperature (истинная температура Углов); actuate (приводить в действие (или) в движение Углов); Air Cleaning Technology (Interex); Air Combat Tactics (training in the application of BFM and ACM skills to achieve a tactical air-to-air objective); Architecture Characterization Template (DISA); Assurance Coordination Team (SEIC); airway clearance therapy; Active Cleansing Technology (Johnny Bravo); Advanced Computer Technique Corp.; Applied Computer Techniques Ltd.
abbr., account. advance corporation tax
abbr., AI. Anderson's Cognitive Theory
abbr., anim.husb. Agricultural Central Trading (UK)
abbr., astronaut. Advanced Cooling Technologies (semfromshire); advanced chemical tug (перспективный МТА на химическом топливе Углов)
abbr., auto. air charge temperature; active cylinder management technology; air charge temperature sensor
abbr., avia. activity; aircraft airplane configuration tracking; automatic checkout technology (tech); Waco, Texas USA; additional center tank (Interex); acquisition; active mode; actual track pointer; advanced composites technologies; advanced computer technique; advisory council on technology; aerodrome control tower; airborne crew trainer; aircraft configuration tracker; aircrew coordination training; airline concerns team; airplane configuration tracking; automated control and distribution of trainees
abbr., BrE Air Council for Training
abbr., busin. account; action; actionnaire; actuary; Analogical Circuit Technique; contract
abbr., commer. Atlantic Container Transport, Limited; average custom transactions (Toughguy)
abbr., comp., net. audio conference terminal; automatic code translation
abbr., earth.sc. actuate; actuating; alumina ceramic test; automatic contrast tuning
abbr., ed. Advanced Career Training
abbr., ed., scient. American College Test
abbr., ed., USA American College Testing (Углов)
abbr., el. anti-comet-tail (gun); asymmetric crystal topography; ABEND control table; accelerated environmental test; access control table; acoustic charge transport device; adiabatic charge-transfer model; administration, commerce and transport; Advanced CAM Technologies, Inc.; air communication technology; alpha-particle-induced charge transfer; analog circuit theory; annual change traffic; applied control table; auto call telex; automatic computer testing; automatic connection test; automation control tool
abbr., file.ext. Action! Presentation file; Actor source code file (Graphics cell, Animation Works); Adobe Color table (Photoshop); Assistant actor (MS Office)
abbr., fin. Association of Corporate Treasurers; Arab countries in transition
abbr., geogr. Australian Capital Territory (peuplier_8)
abbr., health., med. Abuse Counseling and Treatment
abbr., IT action game; Advanced Composite Technology; Advanced Computer Techniques Corporation
abbr., law Assertive Community Treatment
abbr., life.sc. autologous chondrocyte transplantation
abbr., mach.comp. actuator (igisheva)
abbr., Makarov. auto charge transfer
abbr., med. American College Of Theriogenologists; Anticoagulant Therapy; Artemisinin Combination Therapy (malaria); ASAT (MichaelBurov); AspAT (MichaelBurov); activated clotting time (активированное время свёртывания крови (АВС) kat_j); Aspartate transaminase (also called aspartate aminotransferase (AspAT/ASAT/AAT) or serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase (SGOT) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aspartate_transaminase; AST omel-la); serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase (MichaelBurov); AST (MichaelBurov); AAT (MichaelBurov); aspartate transaminase (MichaelBurov); asthma control test (iwona); activated coagulation time (whole blood); activity clotting time; atropine coma therapy
abbr., media. Action for Children's Television; automatic code timer
abbr., mil. Active Control Technology; advance civilian team
abbr., mil., avia. acoustic charged transport
abbr., mil., WMD Analytical Chemistry Team; ASARC Coordinating Team; analytical concentration tube
abbr., NATO Allied Command Transformation (Nu Zdravstvuy)
abbr., nucl.pow. accident conditions of transport (Boris54)
abbr., O&G, sahk.r. automatic custody transfer
abbr., oil active; Adams Coiled Tubing; advanced composite thread; advances in catalytic technologies; air chamber test; alternating current trigger; analog circuit technique; automatic calibration technique; automatic code translator; automatic custody transfer (system)
abbr., physiol., med. Active Motion; AntiCoagulant Therapy
abbr., post air contract transportation tag (Franka_LV); Automation Compatible Tray (for AFSM-ai, 2005 and FSS, 2007)
abbr., progr., IT Artemis Comparison Tool
abbr., qual.cont. activated
abbr., scottish Acoustic Charge Transport; Airportable Cargo Trailer
abbr., space active-control technology; advanced con cepts and technology program; advanced control technology; ALSP control terminal ALSP; anticommunications threat; atlas composing terminal; automated control & distribution of trainees; augmented catalytic thruster
abbr., tech. auxiliary current transformer; nuclear steam plant; Advanced Composites Technology (bonly); anti-comet-tail ("антикометный"; сокр. Углов); aircrew classification test; approach clearance time; air combat training
abbr., textile Acetate Cloth Tape
energ.ind., abbr. advanced combustion technology; advanced concepts test
interntl.trade., abbr. Associated Container Transportation Ltd.
mil. advanced computer technology
mil., abbr. Army combat trainer; Army communicative technology; accumulation time; active control technique; advanced capability tanker; advanced career training; advanced concept team; aerial combat tactics; air cavalry troop; air combat tactics; air contact team; aircrewman classification test; area communications terminal; armored cavalry trainer; automatic checkout technician; aviation classification test
mil., tech. air control team
physiol., abbr. Anticoagulant therapy
tech., abbr. activation; advanced communications technology; antenna crosstalks; area correlation tracker; automatic cable tester; automatic capacitor tester; automatic checkout technique; automatic circuit tester; automatic color tracking; automatic component tester
act [ækt] abbr.
abbr., earth.sc. tremolite-actinolite; tremolite-actinote
abbr., mil. action ACT
electr.eng. air-cooled triode
act. abbr.
gen. acknowledgement
abbr. acting; active
abbr., fin. account
abbr., med. activity
Act. abbr.
abbr., commer. action; actuary
abbr., earth.sc. actinium; activator
Act [ækt] abbr.
abbr. actinolite; Acton's Prize Causes
abbr., oil activator
Act/ abbr.
abbr., busin. acting
ACT. abbr.
abbr., commer. actual
act in own name and on own behalf
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