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  NH abbr.
abbr. American national hose coupling and fire-hose coupling threads; New Hebrides; non-hygroscopic; nose-heavy
abbr., busin. neutral harbour
abbr., oil nonhydroscopic; American National Hose Coupling
  Nh abbr.
abbr. nihonium (MichaelBurov); Rk (MichaelBurov)
chem. Uut <устар.> (MichaelBurov)
  NH2 abbr.
abbr., chem. nitrogen mustard
  NH abbr.
abbr. National Holiday; New Hampshire; New Haven; New Hire; No Hassle; No Host; Nobody Home; Not Held; Not Helpful; NATO helicopter; Natural Harmonic; Negative High; New Haven Field Office; News Hopper; Ninja Hero; No Headstone; nonhygroscopic; Nuclear Hardened
abbr., archit., scient. No Heat
abbr., cartogr. North Hampshire
abbr., ed., scient. Newton Hall
abbr., el. network handler
abbr., el., scient. Natural Harmonics
abbr., electr.eng. nighttime hours
abbr., inet. Not Here; Number Of Hits
abbr., IT No Hardware
abbr., med. Neonatal Hepatitis; Neurologic History; Neurologically Handicapped
abbr., meteorol. New Horizon
abbr., mil. Nato Helicopter; nation host (qwarty)
abbr., mil., avia. NASA Handbook
abbr., nautic., scient. Northern Hemisphere
abbr., O&G, sahk.s. nitrogen high pressure
abbr., phys., scient. Number of Holes
abbr., physiol., med. Natural Health; Nursing Home
abbr., polit. New Hebrides (сейчас Vanuatu); Vanuatu (formerly New Hebrides)
abbr., railw. Consolidated Rail Corporation
abbr., securit. no hold
abbr., tradem. Navarra Hotels; Noord Holland
abbr., transp. Next Hop
mil. naval home; naval hospital
tech. nondirectional homing beacon
Игорь Миг, abbr., sport. Normal Hill (трамплин 98-100 м)
  Nh abbr.
abbr., chem. Uut (Uut - устар. MichaelBurov); Jp (Jp - устар. MichaelBurov); Rikenium <устар.> (MichaelBurov)
abbr., earth.sc. nahcolite
abbr., nucl.phys. Rk <устар.> (MichaelBurov); Rikenium (MichaelBurov)
abbr., nucl.phys., obs. Nishinanium (MichaelBurov); (MichaelBurov)
abbr., obs. japonium (MichaelBurov); ununtrium (MichaelBurov)
chem., obs. Jp (MichaelBurov); nishinanium (MichaelBurov); rikenium (MichaelBurov); eka thallium (MichaelBurov)
  nh abbr.
cards nice hand (bdvain)
med. no hurry
  NH3 abbr.
abbr., med. ammonia
abbr., O&G, sakh. ammonia nitrogen compound produced when nitrogen is removed from a petroleum fraction by hydrotreating NH3
  nH abbr.
abbr., oil nanohenry
  NH-90 abbr.
abbr., scottish NATO Helicopter for the 1990's
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