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 mute [mju:t] n
comp., MS slå lyd fra (To eliminate or temporarily suppress the sound produced by a device, such as a computer or digital media device. A device in such a state has a volume level of zero)
mus. dæmpe; dæmper sordin; sordin
 Mute [mju:t] n
comp., MS Slå mikrofon fra (An option that allows the user to temporarily suppress the device's microphone during a call so that no sound is transmitted to other call participants)
 muting v
commun. lydløs afstemning
el. signaldæmpning; støjspærring; squelch
 mute [mju:t] adj.
commun. blokering
 muté adj.
agric. druemost, hvis gæring er standset
 "muté" adj.
agric. druemost hvis gæring er standset
 English thesaurus
 MUTE [mju:t] abbr.
abbr., IT Multi User Textual Environment
abbr., mil. Multiplexed Unit for Transmission Elimination
mil. mobile universal test equipment
tech. miniature universal test equipment
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