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"EL" abbr.
transp. bybane udført som højbane
 English thesaurus
EL [el] abbr.
abbr., environ. emission limit (igisheva)
abbr., toxicol. endotoxin limit (iwona)
El [el] abbr.
abbr., busin. electronic industry; engine instrument; engineering installation; engineering instruction; equipment incomplete; export and import
abbr., earth.sc. electrum
El. abbr.
abbr. electronics
EL [el] abbr.
abbr. Earnest Living; Economy Leader; Educational Librarian; ElectroMotive; Entry Level; Greek; each layer; East Longitude; Electro Luminescent (display); ElectroLuminescent (as in display); Elettronucleare Italiana; Environmental Law; eye lens; East Lancashire; electrical; electro-luminescence; even lots; east longitude
abbr., auto. electromagnetic lock; extra light fuel oil
abbr., avia. ejector lift; engineering liaison; empty-load; error level; elevator; engine logbook; engineering labs; extra large
abbr., bank. Expected Loss (belief)
abbr., busin. elect; electric light; electric locomotive; elevated railway; employer's liability
abbr., cartogr. East Lothian
abbr., chem., scient. Equal Level
abbr., commun. Element Layer
abbr., comp., net., IT Enhanced Latency; External Linkages
abbr., comp.name. Exploration Log, Ltd.
abbr., earth.sc. electrical logging; empirical line; energy limited; energy line; energy loss; environmental labeling; Environmental Laboratory; equilibrium level; equilibrium line; evapotranspirative loss; exploration license; extreme lows
abbr., ed. English Learner
abbr., ed., scient. Education Level; Exceptional Learner
abbr., el. energy loss; electrical latching; electron beam lithography (system); electronic learning; electron-trap label; enhancement layer; enhancement logic; environment label; error loop; ethyl lactate; event logger; exchange line; excimer laser; exposure latitude; exposure limit; external link
abbr., el., scient. Experience level
abbr., electr.eng. electrical laboratory; electrical latching relay
abbr., file.ext. Electroluminescent (display); Erase Line
abbr., inet. External Links
abbr., interntl.trade. export license
abbr., IT Entity List; Extreme Linux
abbr., med. Early Latent; Electroluminescence; Erythroleukemia; Exercise Limit; External Lamina
abbr., meteorol. enter looper
abbr., mil. Elevation
abbr., OHS effective loading (Dimohod)
abbr., oil economic limit (of production); electric log; east line; echo loss; elastic impedance; electric al log ging; electrolog; entrance lock; entry lock; error log; exhaus lost; export licence; extensible language; polyoxyethylene castor oil
abbr., opt. electroluminescent
abbr., physiol., med. Elevated Liver
abbr., polym. elastic limit
abbr., progr., IT Emacs Lisp
abbr., railw. Consolidated Rail Corporation
abbr., refrig. equivalent length
abbr., scottish Civil aircraft marking (Liberia); Electro-Luminescent; Emitter locator
abbr., sec.sys., IT Encryption Licensing
abbr., securit. even lot
abbr., space endurance limit; extraterrestrial life
abbr., sport. Epworth League; Eastern League
abbr., st.exch. Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.
abbr., textile elbow line
abbr., zool. ejaculation latency (Min$draV)
energ.ind. environmental limitations; even load; exclusive license; exhaust loss
insur. employers' liability
mil. education level; electronics laboratory; engineering laboratory; engineering level; equipment list; erector-launcher; expected life; explosive limit
physiol., med. Elbow
tech. electrician; electricity; electroluminescent display; electronic laboratory; etched layer; etched lead
EL. abbr.
abbr. electrician
EL1 abbr.
abbr. Extensible Language one (ECLogic)
abbr., space extensible language 1
EL. abbr.
abbr., tech. elastic limit
EL50 abbr.
abbr., toxicol. median effective loading rate (Oksie)
EL0 abbr.
abbr., toxicol. non-effective loading (Oksie)
El [el] abbr.
abbr. elevation angle; Eastern Interconnection; electronic interface; equip and install
abbr., med. electron ionization
abbr., tech. enable interrupt; external insulation
abbr., textile electric iron
polit. Ireland
USA Elevated Railroad
el [el] abbr.
abbr. educational level; elected; electric; electronic; electronics; element; elementary; elevation; elastic scattering
abbr., earth.sc. eluvial
abbr., med. elongation
abbr., oil elastic
el. abbr.
abbr. elastic; elected; electrical
abbr., earth.sc. element; elevation
abbr., libr. elementary
polym. electric; electron; elongation
El. abbr.
lat. Electio ("election"); Electus ("elect")
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