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R [ɑ:] abbr.
gen. 英语第 18 个字母
auto. 轮胎侧壁标志; 表示该类轮胎最大允许车速为170km/h
econ. 英语的第十八个字母
textile 红色 (red); 红衣 (red); 红衣料 (red)
TV 影片限制级; R 级
R" abbr.
oil 雷氏黏度秒数
R' abbr.
abbr. картогр.实数系统; forcing function; R reference point (ISDN); Radiancy; Rebill; ready; rector; relative; rubber; Restricted (Movie rating); combined hormonal vaginal ring; aspect ratio; compressive ratio; electrical resistance; Formal Report; molecular refraction; radiant emission; radiant flux density; radiology; radioactive range; Réaumur scale; recruit; regulator; regulating; republic; resistance moment; résistance à la rupture; resultant force; Rockwell hardness; Romania; Rome; room; rupee; Russia; Russian; specific resistance; stress ratio; röntgen (roentgen); multiple correlation coefficient; rough colony
abbr., agric. reactive; rough; refrigerator
abbr., agrochem. rock
abbr., anim.husb. repeatability
abbr., astr. rayleigh
abbr., auto. Racing
abbr., automat. register; relation; reject
abbr., avia. Restricted Area (MichaelBurov); radar; received; restricted area; right; reconnaissance aircraft; rotary wing; ramp; receiving; redline; rejection; release; replaceable; retest; revision; rework; risk; rudder; yaw rate
abbr., avia., Canada radial
abbr., biol. arginine; respiration
abbr., busin. radiogram; rebate; reduced class rate less then normal rate; reduce; registered trademark; registration; registry; relay; rent; respondent; revised
abbr., cartogr. rapid; red; rapids
abbr., chem. alkyl radical; Reynolds number; ring fusion; univalent hydrocarbon radical
abbr., commer. ratio; rand; refrigeration; rouble
abbr., construct. render
abbr., dril. ratio; ram preventer
abbr., earth.sc. degree Rankine; hydrocarbon radical; radar range; radioactive; rapid return; real numbers; reflection; registered trade mark; resinite; resultant; retinite; reunion; reversed; Rhode; rhyolite; riebeckite; Riss glaciation; river beds; roentgenology; roentgen unit; roll; room temperature; rough cut; royal; ruble; runoff; rutile; specific rotation; tertiary system; rate (miles per hour)
abbr., econ. rough machine
abbr., el. resistance; radar; radiolocation; readability; reception; rectifier; reduction; reengineering; reluctancy; remark; replacement; request; resist; responsivity; right circularly polarized; rosin; router; row; slant range
abbr., electr.eng. resistor
abbr., fishery recruitment to the exploitable phase
abbr., foreig.aff. effective calculating rate
abbr., genet. receptor; receptor site
abbr., geol. Riphean (MichaelBurov); Riphean Era (MichaelBurov); Riphean era (MichaelBurov); Riphean age (MichaelBurov); Riphean time (MichaelBurov); the Riphean (MichaelBurov); Riphaean (MichaelBurov); the Riphaean (MichaelBurov); Riphaean era (MichaelBurov); Riphean erathem (MichaelBurov); Riphaean erathem (MichaelBurov); Riphean epoch (MichaelBurov); Riphaean epoch (MichaelBurov); Riphaean age (MichaelBurov); Riphaean time (MichaelBurov)
abbr., IT reset; resistor; reverse; right; restart
abbr., lab.eq. Random
abbr., math. R
abbr., med. In Electrocardiography, The First Positive Deflection During The QRS Complex (wave); Residual Tumor After Treatment; gas constant (8.315 joules); organic radical; Reamur (scale); take; resistance determinant (plasmid); resolution; respiratory (exchange ratio); pulmonary resistance; radium; ramus; registrar; regulator gene; rejection factor; relaxation; remotum; reproduction; resection; resistant; respiratory exchange ratio; "Restricted"; ribs; Rickettsia; rough variant
abbr., med., conv.notation. far point of vision; ohm
abbr., met. roughing stand; reduction rate
abbr., mil. railroad; routine
abbr., mil., WMD remote (Переключатель управления); remote control
abbr., mining. regulations; rood
abbr., nucl.phys. reactor
abbr., oil current or producing gas/oil ratio; electrical resistivity; Reaumur (scale); rock bit; recovery; reflection coefficient; reservoir; running; universal gas constant; rad; radial flow hydraulics; radioactive mineral; radiolaria; railway; Rankine Scale; rays; read; Reaumur scale; receive; Recent; record; reductant; Redwood seconds; reef; reflectance; reflectivity; region; resistivity; retarder; reverseed; reverse fault; revolution; Reynold's number; ridge; right angle; ring; riser; Riss; rivet; road; rocks; rod; rolled; rotor; rough sea; rounded; rule; South Africa Rand; Tajik Rube
abbr., opt. Rankine
abbr., pharm. rifampicin (рифампицин Dimpassy)
abbr., physiol. Reach; Relaxed
abbr., pigeon.race. Red
abbr., polym. radius; radical; registered; Rydberg constant; reflux ratio; regular; rotary
abbr., psychol. reasoning factor
abbr., qual.cont. rejection number
abbr., refrig. refrigerant
abbr., scottish Romeo (phonetic alphabet); Time zone 67.5 W - 82.5 W (GMT +5)
abbr., soil. rolling
abbr., sport. ranking; runs
abbr., tech. abreviatura de radius; marca para el papel ligeramente averiado de las resmas; search radius; Roentgen (MichaelBurov); rebated
abbr., telecom. recaU; repeater
abbr., water.suppl. Correlation Coefficient
cinema A certificate issued by the MPAA indicating that persons under the age of 16 would only be admitted when accompanied by an adult. The age was later raised to under 17 years old, and varies in some jurisdictions. See also NC-17, PG-13.
energ.ind., abbr. dose rate; forcing function; radical; range; reverse; roentgen
int.transport. reduced class rate (rate classification)
invest., abbr. registered name
IT, abbr. are
meteorol., abbr. rain; reconnaissance; red; reduced; repairs; repetition; report; rescue party; return; river; rocket; runway
mil. research
mil., abbr. radiation; radio; radioactivity; radiological; radiotelegram; railhead; railroad, railway; range; rank; rate; ration; rationing; reaction; rear; receiver; recoilless; recoverable; recruiting; reference; regiment; regimental; regulation; reinforcement; reliability; repair; repairable; replaceability; report; representative; reserve; residence; response; restricted; retired, retiree; review; reward; rifle; rifled; rimmed; rocket; round-nose; route; runner
tech. acknowledge receipt; angle of reflection
tech., abbr. acoustic resistance; correlation coefficient; gas constant; heavy self-reversed; production rate; radial distance; reconnaissance; reddish; refraction; rehydratable food; relative humidity; reluctance; repetition; result; rotational quantum number; slightly self-reversed
 English thesaurus
R. abbr.
abbr. resistance moment; rear; red; revolution; road; rock; range (yds, yards); rex; regina; King; Queen
abbr., commer. Rhodesia Dollar; rateable value; receipt voucher; revised version
abbr., earth.sc. radial; ratio; Reaumur; reducing; river; rock bit
abbr., econ. response; railway; registered
abbr., insur. Ruble (s)
abbr., lat. Refrigerio ("in refreshment"); Requiescit ("he rests"); Responsorium (Responsory Breviary); Roma ("Rome")
abbr., law The Reports
abbr., libr. reference; registration; Russia; Russian; retree
abbr., met. rolled
abbr., mining. radius; refractive index; repair; resistance; radioactivity; reef; ruble
abbr., oil reaming
abbr., textile degree Reaumur
law register
law, abbr. respondent; rule
railw. refrigerator car
wood. rip saws for timber
°R abbr.
abbr. Rankine temperature
+R abbr.
abbr., med. positive reaction; Rinne's test positive (hearing test result)
°R abbr.
abbr., refrig. degree Rankine
abbr., tech. Reaumur
R" abbr.
abbr. Redwood seconds
R.Н. abbr.
abbr., libr. right hand
-R abbr.
abbr., med. negative reaction; Rinne's test negative (hearing test result)
R$ abbr.
abbr., oil Real
R〃 abbr.
abbr., earth.sc. redwood seconds
R.Т. abbr.
abbr., libr. received text
abbr., med. In Electrocardiography, The Second Positive Deflection During The QRS Complex
μR abbr.
abbr., med. microroentgen
r [ɑ:] abbr.
abbr. rare; recipe; repairable locally; repeat; round table; specific gas constant; transfer resistance
abbr., avia. angular velocity of body-axis system about Z-axis
abbr., busin. receipt; reply; reprint
abbr., earth.sc. compression ratio; rim; rydberg
abbr., math. radius vector of co-ordinate
abbr., med. c capacito; "racemic"; relapse; ring chromosome
abbr., med., conv.notation. instantaneous population growth
abbr., oil real; residual; retired; run
agric. rain
cartogr. rock
insur. Received
polym. racemic; rubbery
r. abbr.
abbr. compressive ratio; rare; read; refrigerator; revised; regnant (Vosoni); rhombohedral; rough; rubber
abbr., earth.sc. racemic; reaction; reluctance; right; rod; roentgen
abbr., econ. receipt; reception; rate; rent; rouble; rupee
abbr., electric. rheostat
abbr., libr. recto; review; roubles; book. reference book
abbr., mech.eng. run
mining. repair labour
+Rsub X abbr.
abbr. roll right angular acceleration
+Rsub Z abbr.
abbr. yaw right angular acceleration
-Rsub y abbr.
abbr. backward angular acceleration
+Rsub X abbr.
abbr., avia., med. roll right angular acceleration
+Rsub Z abbr.
abbr., avia., med. yaw right angular acceleration
-Rsub y abbr.
abbr., avia., med. backward angular acceleration
VclR [ɑ:] abbr.
abbr. clay content deduced from resistivity
+Rsub y abbr.
abbr. forward angular acceleration
-Rsub x abbr.
abbr. roll left angular acceleration
-Rsub z abbr.
abbr. yaw left angular acceleration
Rmph [ɑ:] abbr.
abbr. rate (miles per hour)
+Rsub y abbr.
abbr., avia., med. forward angular acceleration
-Rsub x abbr.
abbr., avia., med. roll left angular acceleration
-Rsub z abbr.
abbr., avia., med. yaw left angular acceleration
r- abbr.
abbr., chem. racemic
Rsub_h [ɑ:] abbr.
abbr., met. hot-rolled
VclR [ɑ:] abbr.
abbr., oil clay content deduced from resistivity
rsub_d [ɑ:] abbr.
met. direct reduction
Rsub_h [ɑ:] abbr.
met. hot-rolled
Ron [ɑ:] abbr.
abbr., el. on-resistance
rsub_cd [ɑ:] abbr.
met. reduction by carbon monoxide
rsub_h [ɑ:] abbr.
met. reduction by hydrogen
rt [ɑ:] abbr.
O&G correlation function
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Animal husbandry17
Arabic language2
Artificial intelligence5
Bridge construction4
Computer networks2
Desert science9
Earth sciences3
Electric machinery11
Electronic commerce4
Energy industry4
Explosives and Explosive Ordnance Disposal6
Fishery fishing industry2
Food industry1
Hydroelectric power stations2
Information technology10
International Monetary Fund5
International trade4
Laboratory equipment1
Life sciences1
Molecular genetics1
Name of organization2
Nuclear and fusion power1
Nuclear physics3
Oil / petroleum4
Poultry farming2
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Reproductive biology7
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