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mil. "猎鹰" (无人驾驶飞机(美,英),教练机(法)); "猎鹰" (空对空导弹(美))
Falcon ['fɔ:lkən] n
space 猎鹰 (美国空空导弹); (美国阿波罗15号飞船登月舱之名)
space 猎鹰1号 (美国空间探索技术公司研制的低成本快速发射的运载火箭)
falcon ['fɔ:lkən] n
gen. ; 猎鹰的 母鹰; 15 世纪一17世纪的 轻炮; 猎鹰导弹
agric. 牝鹰
biol. (Falcon spp.)
hunt. 猎鹰
FALCON ['fɔ:lkən] n
AI. 化学处理工厂故障诊断系统
 English thesaurus
falcon ['fɔ:lkən] n
USA tiercel (US - male falcon Val_Ships)
FALCON ['fɔ:lkən] abbr.
abbr., mil. Fuel-Air Line Charge Ordnance Neutralizer
abbr., nucl.pow. Fostering Alfred Construction Consortium Agreement (MichaelBurov)
abbr., scottish Family of Advanced Laser Components, Near infrared (US Army); Fission Activated Laser Concept; Frequency-Agile Low Coverage Netted radar; Fuel / Air Line Charge Ordnance Neutraliser
FALCON ['fɔ:lkən] abbr.
abbr., astronaut. Force Application and Launch from CONUS (semfromshire)
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